DIY Outdoor Chandelier {progress in the outdoor living room}

The hubs is no longer thinking I’m crazy for holding on to an ugly chandelier that we ripped out of our dining room over a year ago.  Oh no… now (even though I haven’t actually heard it,) he is singing my praises cause I took that old chandelier and turned it into this fun outdoor chandelier and it doesn’t even require electricity!  I guess the proper term would be Outdoor Candle Chandelier!

How much did it cost me?

Zero. Nada. Nothin’.  I reinvented it with supplies I hoarded already had on hand and I’ll show you how you can do the same!

What? You don’t have one of these beauties on hand? Well, I see them at garage sales quite a bit or you might have some luck on Craigslist. The point is, this should be a very low cost project.

(If you don’t want to go through all of that trouble, I found one very similar on Amazon for only 35 bucks.)
DIY outdoor candle chandelier

I doubt it, but you may remember this chandelier from the before post of my dining room revamp.  I’m well aware that I’ve been slacking on my dining room, but it sorta took a back seat to other projects because I didn’t have a clear vision.  You will be seeing it again late this summer but who even needs an indoor dining room this time of year?

Anyway, we took it down over a year ago and it made a really great home for the spiders living in our garage, but it was time to dust it off and give it new life.

As you know, I’ve been working on creating a fun and relaxing outdoor living area and decided that a bit of diy outdoor lighting over the dining table would be one of those finishing touches to really make the space feel like a room.  So I dug it out of the garage and got to work.

DIY outdoor candle chandelier

I knew I didn’t want to deal with electricity at all, so the first thing I did was take the wires out.  I did this by unscrewing the bulbs and disassembling the chandelier.  I cut the wires and took off the metal parts that held the light bulb.  That let the little dish parts come off (for painting later.)

DIY outdoor candle chandelier

Once it was all apart I gave it a coat of paint using the leftover Rust-Oleum Key Lime spray paint that I had from the outdoor curtains I made. I let it dry between coats and turned it to get it sprayed from every angle.

I needed the nut portion of the metal part that held up the bulb to reassemble later, so instead of trying to buy nuts to fit, the (smart) hubs just bent the long part (shown above) until it broke off and we were left with the nut.

DIY outdoor candle chandelier

Once it was dry, I put it back together and we hung it from our patio cover using the original chain.

Then, I used super glue to glue on some small glass votives that I had in my cupboard.  You can get these at the dollar store if you don’t already have some.DIY outdoor candle chandelier

Once it was all dry, it was ready for candles!  I used real ones and the light it gave off at night was so pretty.  I do live in a high fire area though so if it is at all windy, I’ll switch these out for some fake LED tea light candles.

DIY outdoor candle chandelier

It is so weird that I didn’t like this chandelier before, because now that it is green I love it!DIY outdoor candle chandelierRELATED: DIY OUTDOOR CURTAINS MADE FROM DROP CLOTHS

So let’s do a little recap of this space so far.  Comfortable outdoor furniture, check! Budget friendly outdoor curtains and the curtain rod, check! Outdoor chandelier, check!

So that means I have one more project to show you next week and then it will be time to tour the entire space! And summer is only beginning… go me!

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39 thoughts on “DIY Outdoor Chandelier {progress in the outdoor living room}

  1. I love what you have done with this outdoor space but….. I can only catch a glimpse of your backyard.😔 I have a new home with a bare backyard and would appreciate some ideas. Please post pictures of your yard.

  2. I found the perfect chandelier on offer up, I cannot wait to add this to my gazebo! Thank you!

    1. Hey Michelle! That is awesome! Be sure to send me a photo when you are done!

  3. Sara says:

    I’m off to the Restore to look for a chandalier for my patio!! Paint store across the street for drop cloths!! I’m so inspired!! Thanks!!!

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