DIY Grommet Top Curtains: A Crate & Barrel Knock Off

Well hello! It is time for some more knock off decor!  But first I have a confession.

I still have Crate & Barrel gift cards from my wedding 7 years ago! I know, weird right? It is only a small amount, but I have this thing with hoarding gift cards until I know exactly what I want, and then I can’t make up my mind and I get all in a tizzy. It is shameful because I love Crate & Barrel! It is the perfect mix of modern and traditional, but I get a major case of decorating ADD when I visit the store!

Buuuuuttt…these curtains called to me! And then I saw that it would cost me 400 dollars to get them up in my space!

My DIY brain went straight to the fact that this bold stripe pattern is sorta everywhere lately and there had to be a better way! And yes, I made it happen!

So here are my DIY Grommet Top Curtains inspired by the Alston curtains at Crate & Barrel for week 2 of my Knock Off Decor Series!

how to make grommet top curtains

If you can sew a straight line, you can make these.

The grommets literally snap on so you don’t need any fancy tools or anything.

I’ll show you how easy it was and tell you where to get your supplies including ideas to find the fabric so you can get this same look for much less!

Supplies & Cost:

*indicates affiliate link

  • Grommet Tape* (6 yards for $15 bucks and I used 2 yards per panel)
  • Grommet Rings* (about $8 for a pack.  Number of packs will depend on your measurements)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric with this bold stripe.

Note:  You will need to know the measurement of your curtain rod before ordering grommet rings.  There are different sizes.  These ones* are for rods up to 1 3/8 inch, and these ones* are for rods up to 13/16 diameter.

Here are some places that you can get this bold stripe fabric.  I’ve found that stores have been offering this fabric in different colors throughout the year so your color choices may be limited, but keep your eyes peeled.

I made my curtains out of shower curtains from West Elm.  I was lucky and stalked them until they went on sale for $15 each.  Depending on the height of your ceilings, you will most likely need 2 shower curtains per panel.  (More on how I avoided this to some degree later in the post…) West Elm has these curtains right now in these colors, and if you stalk them long enough, they will go on sale.

diy grommet top curtains

These shower curtains make great drapery panels because they are a perfect weight fabric.

Target also regularly carries bold stripe shower curtains in different colors depending on the season.

You could also buy solid fabric and sew each stripe individually if you were set on specific colors.

How to Make Grommet Top Curtains:

For a floor to ceiling panel you will need 2 shower curtains.  I used the bottom hem of one shower curtain as the top hem of my curtain and then cut off the bottom hem about 1 inch below one of the stripes as far down as I could.

how to make grommet top curtains

Then I cut the hem off of a second shower curtain about an inch above or below the stripe of the opposite color and sewed the 2 pieces together right at the edge of each stripe so that when they hang you can’t tell that there is a seam and the stripes continue seamlessly.

how to make grommet top curtains

Next, I prepared my bottom hem by folding the fabric over twice to make about a 2 1/2 inch hem.  This gives the bottom of the curtain some weight so it will hang nicely.

how to make grommet top curtains

Now for the grommet top.  Using grommet tape makes this pretty much fool proof.  I laid my tape out along the back side of my curtain about 2 inches down from the top and pinned it in place.  Then, following the instructions that came with the grommet tape, I sewed along the yellow lines.

Then I plopped myself in front of some mindless television and cut out the fabric circles using the grommet tape as my guide, and snapped my grommet rings on!  It was so easy!

how to make grommet top curtains

Using the grommet tape took all the guess work out of placement of the circles and gives the curtain a nice thickness at the top so that they hang perfectly!

how to make grommet top curtains

I love how bold they are and they add a perfect amount of color to my family room.  But I have one more confession… See the 2 panels on the left?  They don’t go all the way to the floor!  That’s right.  I saved even more money by using only one shower curtain on each of those because I plan to put a sofa table behind the couch one day anyway and didn’t want them to get in the way!  No one has ever noticed!

diy grommet top curtains

That is the only full length one!  Ha!

So, tell me.  How did I do with this knock off?

I think I got the same bold look for less than half the cost!  Have you seen things in this bold stripe anywhere else that would work for this project?  Let me know so I can include them in my list!

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  1. Cee says:

    I can’t seem to find any grommet header tape. Any help?

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Hi, Cee! You can find grommet tape at Amazon (it’s linked in the supplies & cost list on this post). Best of luck!

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