Where to Buy Modern Decor

Looking to add some modern decor to your home? You're in the right place!

I've sifted through the depths of the internet for you and found some amazing modern furniture and decor at various price points for you.

Items are linked below the image in each section. Enjoy!


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Where to Buy Modern Bedroom Decor

Modern beds, headboards, and dressers

When looking for a modern bed, headboard, or dressers you'll want to look for details like straight edges with little to no detail.

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Sources for modern style bedroom furniture

Where To Buy Modern Living Room Furniture

Modern living room furniture features clean lines, simple shapes, and geometric patterns.

Look for materials like smooth fabrics, concrete, smooth wood, metal, and glass.

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Sources for modern style sofas, coffee tables, and side tables

Where To Buy Modern Dining Room Furniture

When looking for modern dining furniture you'll want to look for minimal and simple designs and neutral colors.

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Sources for modern dining tables and modern dining chairs

Where To Buy Modern Lighting Fixtures

When looking for modern lamps, pendants, and chandeliers you will want to look for geometric shapes, clean lines and materials like glass and metals with little to no details.

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Sources for modern pendants, chandeliers, flushmount lights and lamps

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Where To Buy Modern Decor And Accessories

When looking for modern decor like mirrors, art, and accessories you'll want to look for straight lines, geometric patterns, abstract shapes, and often a focus on function.

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Sources for modern style home accessories

Where To Buy Modern Textiles

When looking for modern rugs, pillows, and window treatments you'll want to look for simple geometric patterns and neutral colors.

Sources for modern rugs and decorative pillows

The most inviting spaces mix elements from different styles, so even if you're drawn to modern style decor, it's best to layer in other styles as well.

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