Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – A few of my favorite things

So Mother’s Day is upon us and if you’re anything like me, sometimes you need a little inspiration to figure out the perfect gift for the amazing women in your life (or what to say when someone asks you what you might like for Mother’s Day.

So I thought I’d round up a few things I love. It’s always fun to get recommendations from friends and hear about what they love and why they love it so much. 

And with our current quarantine situation, I made sure that all of these items can be ordered online (and many have free shipping!) But do keep in mind that shipping seems to be taking a little longer right now, so definitely plan for that.

So here we go…

10 things I’m currently loving that would make great Mother’s Day gifts!

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1 | Roxy Weekender Bag

I love this bag! It’s perfect for when we head out for the day and just big enough for a change of clothes, a few sweatshirts, and some snacks. I love that I can use the long strap over my shoulder or the shorter handles and the inside has just enough pockets to keep things organized and easy to find. >>Click here for more info.

2 | The softest graphic tee

I have this same tee, but mine says “Vacay, Vacay, Vacay.” It’s so incredibly soft and fits just close enough to your body to give you shape without being tight at all. I love the unique color combo on this fun graphic tee! >>Click here for more info.

3 | Important Dates Print

I got one of these important date prints for my mom years ago with all of the grandkid’s birthdays on it and I’m thinking I need to get one for our house too. So this is definitely on my list this year. It’s such a simple and meaningful addition to any home and there are lots of options in terms of colors, style, and adding names to the print. >>Click here for info.

4 | Custom Silhouette Art****

Okay. I should’ve put this as number one because this is my absolute favorite Mother’s Day Gift ever! You take a photo of your kids profile and submit it on the site, pick a color, and they send you a proof before they print it to make sure you like it. I did this when my kids were small and it’s so cute to see their little faces and how much they’re still the same. >>Click here for info.

5. | Simple Initial Necklace

I get a lot of questions about the necklace I wear. It’s a super simple gold necklace with two gold disks. Each has my kids first initial and on the back it has their nickname. My mom had it made custom for me, but after seeing mine, my friend found this one and she loves it. It’s very similar and very simple. >>Click here for more info.

6. | Airpods

In all honesty when my husband got me airpods for my birthday, I didn’t think I’d use them very much, but I was wrong. I love these things. They make listening to my favorite podcasts when I go on my walks or popping in some music when I’m watching my kids sports practices (oh how I miss those) really easy and there’s no cord to get tangled up in. I also love that they fit right into my small purse and hold their charge for a really long time. This is technology I could get used to! >>Click here to purchase.

7. | My New Favorite Sweatshirt

I’m a sweatshirt kind of girl for sure. Just before all of this stay at home stuff I got a few new sweatshirts cause mine were getting really tired looking. What can I say, I like to be comfortable, but want to feel put together too. I got this sweatshirt in black and LOVE it! It’s super cute with leggings or jeans and tennis shoes. I put a tank under so you can’t see as much of my back through the opening in the back. It’s fun to throw something on that feels like you’re in your comphys but has some style to it. –Note: I went up a size cause I wanted it to be a little big. >> Click here for info.

8. | My Absolute Favorite PJs Ever

I’ve talked about these PJs before in my Christmas gift guide, but they have to be mentioned again. They are so super soft, and don’t lose their shape. Plus they’re the exact right weight so I don’t get too hot at night. –They’re so great that I find myself doing a load of laundry just so I can wear them again… thinking I need a second pair. >>Click here for info.

9. | Hydroflask Wine Cup

I got this insulated cup for camping and concerts in the park in the summer and love it cause it keeps my Sauvignon Blanc nice and cold. But I ended up liking it so much that I use it regularly at home now for my wine, my Moscow mules, or my bubbly! >>Click here for info.

10. | The Most Uncomplicated Sewing Machine

I got this sewing machine a few years ago and love it. It makes sewing a lot more fun because it’s really easy to use and uncomplicated. Plus, it does really well with thicker fabrics which is perfect since most of what I sew are home decor items that use thicker home decor fabrics.   >>Click here for info.

Wishing you a fantastic Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – A few of my favorite things

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