25+ Outdoor Spaces to Inspire You

It’s definitely that time of year when most of us head outdoors and the absolute best is when you have a really cool outdoor spot at your own house to relax, entertain, and just plain enjoy the nice weather.

If you’ve been around here for awhile you are probably familiar with my outdoor living room.

But if you are in need of some awesome inspiration for your own outdoor space you’re in luck because today I’m not only taking you on a little tour of my outdoor patio area but I’ve teamed up with some of the best of the best to share their outdoor living spaces so you are sure to find all the inspiration you need to create a little outdoor oasis of your own.

(You’ll find links to more outdoor spaces at the bottom of this post, and I’ll be added more throughout the week!)

It’s not too late! Summer is in full swing and there is still lots of sunshine to be had!


My outdoor patio is both an outdoor living room and an outdoor dining area

The patio just off of the back of our house used to be really sad. It was pretty much a place for random kid’s toys and we would occasionally have a meal out there but I have to admit that it was never very enjoyable because it was pretty unkempt.

Here’s what I mean.

DIY Outdoor Patio Makeover before photo from TinySidekick.com

So a couple of years ago we decided that since the backyard was one of the things that drew us to our home in the first place we should put a bit of effort into making it a place we could actually use and enjoy.

The idea was that it should be a true extension of our home.

And since I wanted it to be a literal outdoor room I decided that I would inject elements from inside, outside both in what would be the outdoor living room and the outdoor dining room.
We started by adding some really comfortable seating (from Lowe’s) and went with metal furniture so that it would be really easy to maintain.
easy to maintain outdoor patio furniture
We had a definite issue with the sun in the evening so I made some outdoor curtains from drop cloths and hung them from a DIY outdoor curtain rod.
Not only do the curtains help with the sun but they create a really nice feel in the space.
We defined the space with an outdoor rug and with the addition of the furniture, the curtains, and a few fun accent pillows we had a perfect outdoor living room!
Outdoor Living Room Makeover at TinySidekick.com

On the other side of the patio we created an outdoor dining space.

Awesome outdoor living room inspiration with so many easy diy ideas to make it beautiful on a budget!
We already had the table and chairs but I cleaned it up with a new coat of stain and we hung our outdoor curtains on this side too.
To define the space and to add a pop of color and some lighting in the evening I took the old chandelier that we had taken out of our indoor dining room and created a candle chandelier.
DIY outdoor candle chandelier
It was the perfect way to bring the pop of green from the curtains over to this side of the patio too!
DIY outdoor candle chandelier
You can pretty much find us eating out here as a family and often with friends every night in the summer.
DIY Projects for an Outdoor Living Room at TinySidekick.com
We do a lot of entertaining in this space and I found that I was needed a place to serve drinks so when I saw a diaper changing table at a garage sale for only 5 bucks, I grabbed it and turned it into an outdoor beverage station which has been so much fun!DIY Bar Cart for an Outdoor Patio at TinySidekick.comJust for fun and to really make the space feel like a true outdoor room, I added a bit of wall art (for free) with this California love art made from paint sticks.
outdoor art for my DIY Patio Makeover at TinySidekick.com
This outdoor patio area is pretty much the perfect place to hang out and we spend so much time out here hanging out with the kids and when we have company we have a perfect spot to chat while the kids run around and play. We even created a giant outdoor chalkboard for them and it is a big hit!
DIY outdoor chalkboard after 3 years

Ok. Not to kick you out or anything but there is so much outdoor inspiration waiting for you with the links below (just click on any outdoor space to go take the tour!)

And this is only day 2 so be sure to come back throughout the week cause I’ll be adding more links each day this week!

Have fun!

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22 thoughts on “25+ Outdoor Spaces to Inspire You

  1. Such a cute outdoor space! Can’t wait to get our candle chandy out of storage so I can freshen it up with a pop of color! Beautiful job.

    1. Thank you Emily! I’m still loving them too, although this year I was tempted to add some black and white stripe. There’s always next year!

  2. Blue Moon and Cupcake SB?! I’ll be right over!;) Your patio is so perfect for entertaining and that chalkboard area is downright adorable 🙂 Thank you for sharing! XO

    1. You are welcome any time Jen cause clearly we should be friends if those are your faves too!!!

  3. You have such a lovely outdoor space! I adore that candle chandelier. Super cute!

  4. I’ll be right over for some Sauvignon blanc on your gorgeous patio! I love the separate living and dining spaces you created.

    1. You should!!!!! Come now!!!

    1. I hate to say it is long gone, but there is more where that came from so come on over!

  5. Such a fun space Corey! I love your chandy, too – may need to steal that idea because we have Texas-sized bugs and some citronella candles would help a bunch! xo

    1. hahaha! That would be a great way to keep them away. That and a bee suit! I hate bugs!

  6. Corey I love all of it! Such a colorful, happy space! The chandelier, and the chalkboard are totally my fave elements. What a great place to hang out in the summer!

    1. It is definitely my favorite spot. Thanks for stopping by Heather.

  7. I love how colorful your space is! It has been an inspiration of mine for some time! I really have to get out of my rut and embrace more color in my life! Plus I’m loving that chalkboard!!

    1. Thanks for organizing Ursula! It was really fun and I got to discover some new blogs!

  8. Whoa! This is so colorful and amazing! I adore the outdoor curtains and colorful cushions. Side note: Love the new blog name too! 😉

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie!

  9. Your colorful patio is one of my favs, Corey! So nice!

  10. Michelle says:

    Your patio looks like a lovely place to hang out!! Love the color scheme.

  11. Corey your patio is amazing! I love all the colors that you picked out. I would totally be out there every day if this was at my house!

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