Free Printable Birthday Gift Tags

It seems that more often than not, weekends around here include a birthday party. The events are definitely getting easier now that my kids are a little older and can hold their own in the jumpy. I’m not gonna lie though, I sorta crave the day when a birthday party means that I drop my kiddo off for a couple of hours and come back after doing the grocery shopping in peace (maybe sneak in a pedicure…one can dream right?)

Anyway, I like to think of myself as ultra frugal when it comes to wrapping gifts. A gift bag alone can cost you more than 5 bucks, so around here we are very into wrapping paper and diy gift tags to cut cost.

So the other day when we were doing some art in the back yard, I got out my old oil pastels from college and was playing around. So. much. fun. The result are these free printable birthday gift tags for all of my fabulous readers!

free printable birthday gift tagsPin

I took my oil pastel doodles and scanned them, added some text and boom. Instant gift tags that cost less than buying a card for you to print out and attach to your next birthday gift!

printable birthday present tagsPin

I sorta love that the texture of the oil pastels shows up. The colors are definitely ones that brighten my day. They actually make me want to use them on my walls…not possible, I know.

I tried to vary the color combos to make some more girly and some more boyish for you.

So there you go! A freebie just for you. Enjoy!

To Print Yours…

Each sheet will have 6 different gift tags. There will be a faint grey line to show you where to cut.

Click below, save to your computer. Print as many as you want.

For best results and really vivid color use a really good printer or send as an attachment to your nearest print shop to have them printed. (It typically costs less than a buck per sheet, depending on the paper you select.)

for personal use only. not to be sold.

Have a great day!