Colorful Embossed Easter Eggs

These colorful embossed Easter eggs are a fun alternative to dying eggs and can be made with any pattern!

I’m under the impression that the channeling of all things spring has begun. We have had a few days of shorts weather here in So-Cal and I’m loving the sunny evenings already.

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But all of this means that Easter is fast approaching and well, I thought I’d use it as a perfect excuse to bust out the fun and bright colors that I love so much and try something new when it comes to decorating easter eggs!

And I have to say, that although not perfect, I’m liking these embossed Easter eggs! They are fun, colorful, and you can make any pattern your little heart desires!

Just a little heads up before we begin. This probably isn’t a project for the kiddos since the embossing tool gets hot. Just thought I’d warn ya so no one gets their tiny fingers burned.

With my mommy warning out of the way, let’s gather the supplies…

Supplies For Embossed Easter Eggs

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How To Emboss Easter Eggs

Step 1: Draw the design

Hold the egg with two fingers and carefully draw your design with the VersaMarker. This can be a bit tricky since the ink is transparent. You can see what you’re doing if you’re in a well lit space. Remember that anywhere the ink goes, the powder is going to stick there and end up being part of your design, so do one side of your egg at a time.

Step 2: Pour on the powder

Lay out a sheet of paper, hold your egg over it and pour your embossing powder over the egg. The powder will stick to your design. (You can use the paper to fold it and easily pour the excess powder back into your container.)

Once you have the powder on your design you can clean it up a little with a small dry paint brush or your fingernail. You just don’t want a lot of powder where it wasn’t intended because it will get cooked on there in the next step.

Step 3: Apply heat

Lay your egg (design side up) on your egg carton and use the embossing heat gun to activate the powder. You will see the powder turn to a shiny finish. (Note: the egg gets hot so that is why it’s a good idea to lay it on the carton. A few finger tips got super toasty in the making of this tutorial!)

Repeat on all sides and then do another design on the next egg!

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This is a fun alternative to dying Easter eggs or coloring eggs with Q-tips like we normally do. I like the hand drawn feel that they have too!

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