Easy Bright And Bold Stitched Edge Napkins

Take some store bought cloth napkins and make them pop with a fun stitched edge! Easy instructions to make your own stitched edge napkins.

Clearly I have a bit of an obsession with neon thread lately. What can I say, I just love to take something hum-drum and make it pop with just a bit of fun color in an unexpected way.

I originally shared a sneak peek of these when I revealed my outdoor living room makeover, but never shared the easy details for these stitched edge napkins with you, so here goes!

stitched edge napkinsPin

It’s probably best to stick to a pattern on your cloth napkins that is pretty subtle or even a solid color so that your stitched edge really pops. I found this pack of grey and white cloth napkins at HomeGoods for about 6 bucks. They will go perfectly with any table setting, especially in spring and summer. Then I picked up a spool of bright neon pink thread.

easy stitched edge napkinPin

Then I simply ran the edges of each napkin through my sewing machine with a zig zag stitch. You will want your needle to go through the fabric on one side and land just off of the fabric on the other side to get the stitching right on the edge of the fabric.

neon stitched edge napkinsPin

We eat dinner out here in our outdoor dining room most nights in the summer and I love the fun pop of pink that the stitched edge napkins add to my table. These are going to be a perfect addition to my summer entertaining essentials.

Here’s to warm weather and sunshine this summer!