The Easiest No-Sew Window Valence Ever!

Who’s ready for a seriously easy way to make a window valence? You don’t even need your sewing machine for this one people!

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This project happened by total accident and is now one of my go to ways to dress up a window. I love it for the fact that it adds a pop of color to my little girl’s window and hides her not so pretty black out roller shade that we pull down at night (or when she was little during her naps).

If you know me well, you know that I’m a huge fan of mixing and matching fabric patterns so when I was designing this room for my little lady I went with a very pale purple on purple paint stripe on the walls and then added a big shot of pink with the crib bedding I chose. The sheets for the bedding came in polka-dots and this damask pattern and I ordered one of each cause my pregnancy brain could not make a choice for the life of me!

That ended up being a good thing, because although I went with the polka-dots for the actual crib sheet, this damask crib sheet ended up becoming this ruffled valence in less than 20 minutes.

Supplies For No-Sew Window Valence

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  • Board cut to the length of the width of the window + 2 inches (a 1 x 2 or a 1 x 3 works perfectly.)
  • Fitted crib sheet (This should work for a standard sized window. If your window is really long, you may want to use a twin fitted sheet.)
  • Staple gun
  • Drywall screws
  • Drill
  • Ribbon (2 pieces about 3-4 feet each)
  • Scrap piece of fabric (optional) - like an old white sheet to use as a liner depending on the darkness of your crib sheet

How to Make an Easy No-Sew Window Valence

Step 1: Cut your board

Cut your board to the width of your window plus 2 inches (one extra inch for each side of the window).

Step 2: Drill the holes

Predrill holes in your board. 3-4 for a standard size window should be plenty.

Step 3: Remove elastic

Cut the elastic off of one long side of your crib sheet.

If you are lining your valence, you will also need to cut a scrap piece of fabric about the same size as the crib sheet. I used an old yucky white sheet for this.

Step 4: Staple sheet in place

With the crib sheet laid out (pretty side down), place your board along the cut edge and wrap the fabric around it like you are wrapping a present. You will want to make the sides look nice and keep it as flat as possible.

Staple it in place using your staple gun. (If you are lining your valence you will want to place your lining on the sheet before placing your board; then grab and staple both the crib sheet and the lining onto the board.)

Step 5: Tuck in the edge

Once your sheet and lining are secured to the board, simply tuck the bottom edge of the lining into the corner pockets of the crib sheet.

Step 6: Start each drywall screw

Now flip your whole project over and lift the fabric part up and over so you can see your board again. Using your predrilled holes, start each drywall screw in each hole making sure not to go through the entire board.

Step 7: Insert screw into wall

Now grab a buddy and hold the board up above the window. Check to be sure it is level and finish screwing the middle screw into the wall.

Step 8: Insert the ribbon

While your buddy holds the board, feed your pieces of ribbon around the backside of the board. Be sure to place them evenly from the edges of your board and avoid your screws. Pull them so they are pretty much even.

If you want to have bows on your finished valence, pull your ribbon so that the back is longer. If you don’t want any bows (like mine) pull your ribbon so that the front is a little longer.

Step 9: Finish drilling the screws

Finish drilling your screws into the wall to secure your valence.

Step 10: Create the ruffle

Step 10: Tie each ribbon to create your ruffle. I tied my ribbon in a knot behind the valence and tucked in the excess. If you want to have a bow, be sure to do your bow on the front side of the fabric.

Give your valence a little tweak to get the fabric to lay just right and that’s it!

A super cute ruffled valence that requires absolutely no sewing skills what-so-ever and a little peek at my little girl’s room, which I’ve never shared before!

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Happy no-sewing and have a great day!

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