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I know I’m not the only one who loves getting stuff in the mail. Even with all the technology of today I still love snail mail. And I absolutely love all the Holiday cards that are about to come my way and this year I’m going to have room to display ALL of them on this DIY Christmas Card Holder that I made. Some reasons I love it? It was easy to make, didn’t cost a fortune, is simple in style, and big enough for a bunch of  Christmas cards.

DIY Christmas Card Holder Tutorial. This project only costs about 10 bucks and takes about an hour. {}

I can’t wait to use this Christmas Card Holder to display the photo cards headed my way. I have a lot of friends that live far away and I don’t get to see them often enough. And although they are wonderful, it is their adorable kiddos that I love to see on the photo cards.

 The style of my home is traditional mixed with modern and the clean lines and simplicity of this Christmas card holder are perfect for that.

So, here is the super simple tutorial…

My finished Christmas Tree Card Holder measures 3 feet wide at the bottom and 4 feet tall. You can change up the size of the boards to make it any size you want, but my supply list reflects my finished project.

You will need:

  • Three 1 1/2 inch wide by 1/4 inch thick pieces of wood (I found mine in the trim section of Home Depot.) 1 cut to 36 inches long and 2 cut to 54 inches long.
  • Paint and a brush (I used left over white baseboard paint)
  • Three screws
  • 16 guage steel galvanized wire (found in Home Depot in the same isle as the picture hanging supplies)
  • Some small clothes pins that I found at a craft store
  • Tools: pliers, a drill, and a staple gun.

Now for the how-to…

First you will need to cut your wood. Did you know you can cut it right at Home Depot? It saves a ton of time and clean up. There is a saw station right there in the trim aisle. You can do it yourself or get an employee to do it for you. They are happy to help. After you cut them you will have two 54 inch pieces and one 36 inch piece.

Take them home and paint them. I painted mine with some white baseboard paint that I had on hand. I watered it down just a tad bit so that the grain of the wood would barely show through. I loved the way this looked in the end. Just a hint of a natural element which is perfect.

DIY Christmas Card Holder Tutorial. This project only costs about 10 bucks and takes about an hour. {}

Once they are dry, lay them out in a large triangle (tree) shape having one board on top of the other. Predrill a hole for your screw and then attach with a screw that is long enough to go through the first board, and into the second board without going all the way through it.

DIY Christmas Card Holder Tutorial. This project only costs about 10 bucks and takes about an hour. {}

To make the star at the top of the tree, I first drew a star the size I wanted it to be on a piece of paper. Then I used it as a guide to bend my wire into the outline of that star. Be sure to leave a long piece at the bottom where the star will start and end. You will use this to attach it to the tree later. The best way to bend the wire is to hold it where you want your point to be with some pliers and bend it over the pliers.

DIY Christmas Card Holder Tutorial. This project only costs about 10 bucks and takes about an hour. {}

Once your tree is together, flip it over to attach the wire “garland” (this is what you will hang your cards from.)  Starting at the top, lay the end of the wire flat onto the board and attach with your staple gun. Then swoop it over the the opposite side of  the tree and bend it to go in the other direction. Staple it in place and then swoop it the other way. You are zig-zagging back and forth but leave a little bit of droop to give the “garland” effect. Keep in mind the size of a Christmas card when you are deciding the placement of the wire. I don’t know why, but doing this made me want to sing the song “Shoop” by Sal N’ Pepa!

DIY Christmas Card Holder Tutorial. This project only costs about 10 bucks and takes about an hour. {}

To attach the star at the top, take the long pieces that you left at the beginning and end of the star and twist them for a few inches and then pull apart in a Y shape. Place these down the sides of the tree and staple into place. I also added a few paper circles to add color while I’m waiting to fill it up with colorful Christmas Cards.

DIY Christmas Card Holder Tutorial. This project only costs about 10 bucks and takes about an hour. {}

And there you have it! A perfect place to display all of those cute little faces that are about to arrive in the mail! I can’t wait to start getting them, and I’m sure my mailman can’t wait for me to start getting something I actually want in the mail so that I’ll check it more than once a week! (ok. that is a lie, I really only check it about every 10 days…he hates me.)

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19 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Card Holder

  1. Silvia L. says:

    I can’t wait to do this project! One thing I wanted to point out, however is that in the body of your instructions where you mention doing your own sawing at HD, you mention ending up with one 54″ piece and two 36″ pieces. I assume you meant the reverse, as listed in the “You Will Need” list.

    1. Corey Willis says:

      You are so right Silvia! Fixed that boo-boo and now it reads correctly. I’d love to see your finished project; if you’d like, please email a pic to [email protected]

  2. […] made this simple Christmas Card Holder last year and loved getting it out this year to display all of the cute faces about to arrive in […]

  3. Thank you for this great idea. It’s really inspiring and in the way it looks I think it is fun to do .

  4. Excellent article. I became examining continually this blog page for prompted! Very helpful information and facts specially the very last step 🙂 I personally attend to these kinds of data very much. I had been seeking this particular a number of data for just a very long time. Thanks a lot as well as good luck.

  5. Love this tree to hold Christmas cards! I would like to include in an upcoming post on my blog where I am highlighting various ways to display Christmas cards. I am hoping this would be fine with you? Love it.

  6. Wow! This is my first visit on your blog and I am amazed. Love the idea and I’m thinking of making smaller versions of it just for decorative purposes. Can’t wait to browse through your blog!

    1. Thank you! Hope to see you here again soon! My Christmas Home Tour goes live tonight so be sure to drop by!

  7. What a great simple holiday project Corey! I don’t think we actually got any Christmas cards last year (maybe one from my Gramma?), but it would still be a cute decoration on it’s own! Maybe a place to hang the “special” ornament collection that doesn’t go on the tree.

  8. Love this! I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with Christmas cards this year and this is such a cute solution!

  9. This is awesome. I was just going through Christmas stuff with my mom and decided I needed to make a Christmas card holder and this is perfect!

    1. Thanks Britni. This was on my to-do list last year and I never got to it. So I’m so glad I got it done early this year.

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