DIY Wood Slice Napkin Rings & Name Cards

Inside: The most adorable little DIY rustic modern napkin rings that will also act as place cards.

A few weeks ago the guys down the street were trimming the trees so of course I pulled over at the sight of a pile of logs. What can I say, I’m crafty like that!

I knew I wanted to make something with wood slices so I brought them home and sliced them up. Then I stalled.

Fast forward a couple of days and my mom was over. We were messing around with the styling of a few projects and setting up for my very simple fall table (that I’ll show you the details of in a few days) and an idea came flying into my head.

It went like this…

Napkin rings. With names on them. Chalkboard paint. Wood slices! Yes!

So here you have it. The most adorable little rustic modern napkin rings that will also act as place cards. Perfect for not so fancy fall entertaining.

These are so incredibly easy, you are going to be stalking the gardeners in your area for sure.
DIY woodslice and chalkboard napking rings

The slices I used came from a branch of a tree. At first I was disappointed that they weren’t bigger. But once I came up with this idea they turned out to be the perfect size. (They are about 2 inches in diameter.) This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure. 

What you’ll need:

DIY woodslice and chalkboard napkin rings

How to make wood slice chalkboard napkin rings:

Step 1: After cutting your wood into slices about 3/4 inches thick let them dry out.

Step 2: With a small paint brush apply your chalkboard paint. I started out making perfect circles, but decided instead to follow the natural curve of the slice leaving a border of wood showing through. I think it looks a lot better and adds to the organic feel. (Plus, trying to paint a perfect circle is too hard!)DIY woodslice and chalkboard napkin rings

Step 3: Cut a ribbon for each piece that is long enough to fit your napkins when it forms a circle and add a little bit for overlap. (I found this felt ribbon at Michael’s.)

Step 4: Flip each slice over and attach the ribbon using a stable gun.DIY wood slice and chalkboard napkin rings

You will want the ribbon to overlap at least an inch. Place it on the back of the slice and use 2 staples on each one to secure it. If you don’t have a staple gun, you could use hot glue, but I think a staple will work better with the tugging that is bound to happen when taking the napkin out.DIY woodslice and chalkboard napkin rings

Step 5: Season each little chalkboard. (All that means is take the side of a piece of chalk and rub it on each chalkboard surface, then rub it with an eraser or a paper towel. The chalkboard will loose its very black appearance and look more like a used chalkboard.

Tip: To write each name (since it is such a small space) rub a piece of chalk on a rough surface like the sidewalk turning it as you go to create a sharp point.

And that’s it! Such a cute and unique little addition to my fall table!wood slice and chalkboard napkin rings

DIY wood slice and chalkboard napkin rings

wood slice and chalkboard napkin rings

I’m not one to do a lot of rustic, but this little addition is just perfect for fall! Especially since I’m going much more simple this year than I did with last year’s fall tablescape.

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9 thoughts on “DIY Wood Slice Napkin Rings & Name Cards

  1. This is BRILLIANT! Love love love it. and love that it can be used all fall and winter! I’m pinning this now!

    1. Thanks so much Lindsay! I’m all about decor and crafts that can be used for more than one season!

  2. You had me at Wood Slice! Love this simple project and also loving that black and white runner on your table, yum. Pinned.

  3. So pretty Corey!! I want some!! I’ll get cracking on the project so that I have some for the holidays!

    P.S. Stumbled!

    1. Thanks Christine! As soon as the idea popped into my head I knew I was going to love them 🙂

    1. Thanks Chelsea! I agree. I’m going to use them this weekend cause I’m throwing my mom a birthday dinner and then they will for sure be making an appearance at Turkey Day!

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