6 Almost-free DIY Artwork Ideas

Hey peeps! I’m super excited to introduce you today to my friend Jen. She has amazing style and is going to share something I know many of you have been craving… easy wall art on a tight budget! Take it away Jen…

Hello! I’m absolutely thrilled to be guest-posting here today! I’m Jen from Fresh Crush and I love all things DIY, thrifted, and home. Today I wanted to toss out a few great ideas for affordable, and almost-free artwork that you can easily achieve in your own home, with my DIY Art Round Up! So let’s get started!

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1. Frame a Fantastic Swatch of Fabric

Oh, fabric is the beeeest! If you have ever fallen in love with a fabric but didn’t think you had anywhere to use it in your home — frame it! Fabric is art in itself, so, why not?! I did just that as one of the finishing details in our nursery.


2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are fantastic, and available in just about any shape, and size, and price point. I found this thrifted beauty at my fav thrift store and only cost 10 beans. A quick dusting of gold paint, and an unused, leather purse strap gave it a whole new life on my gallery wall.


Or this one, that I scored at a discount retail store for only $40. It’s huge, and has great impact as it greets our guests as part of our new foyer and entryway makeover!


3. Nearly Free, Magazine Clippings

Yes, magazine clippings! Some of the ads and images in Home Design and Decor magazines are almost as good as the real thing. And, someone spent a lot of money getting the most beautiful image produced and printed, all to land in your pretty little hands. When cropped the right way (in my case in a simple and affordable Ikea frame), they have impact and beauty!


4. Create Impact With Wall Decals!

Simple, easy, and cheap! Wall decals can get your attention-starved walls alive again in just an afternoon. This modern and high-contrast decal I used in our nursery, costs around $40 and was smooth sailing after the first row was aligned. High impact, low cost — the best combo!


5. Transform Art You Already Own!

Sometimes you have some art kicking around that has faded, or isn’t your style anymore, or was impressive and thrifted but needs a change. This one is for you! You can transform the art you already own into an entirely new piece of art, like I did with this piece. All you need is your colors of choice and some painters tape. Then, let your imagination wander!


6. Yarn Bomb Your Own Art

A simple sheet of peg board, and some yarn is all you need for this project. Your imagination is key, and geometric shapes are your friend. Use the peg board as your grid and needle away! Bonus — this one is also therapeutic.


There you have it folks, 6 fresh ideas to get you started, and on your way with your new DIY art collection. Did you think it would involve a yarn bomb? You might even have everything you need to get started on any one of these ideas, in your home, right now! So, start hunting! And, if it works out for you… shoot me a comment or a message and share with me how it went, I’d love to see! If you liked this story, I hope you’ll give me a visit at freshcrush.com, and see what other projects I have on the go.

Jen is the DIY and home decor blogger behind Fresh Crush. With a background in graphic design, she enjoys the creative process — everything from transforming thrifted finds, to creating one-of-a-kind decor objects and artwork. Jen is also a wife, and mom of a spunky 4-year old, who shares her love of travel, food, and photography. Find Fresh Crush across social media here:

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