5 easy DIY’s that will make your home more functional

Inside: These budget friendly and easy DIY products will help you create a more functional and organized home and most take less than an hour to install.

Hey friends!

As you know our home has been 8 years in the making and we still have both major renovations and small tweaks on our list, but over the years we’ve found some really easy to install products that have made our home more functional and I think they’re worth sharing!

Yes, this girl finally found the perfect toilet paper holder – you would’t believe how happy that can make me, but that’s just one of the 5 products I want to share with you today that we added to our home and we’re absolutely loving.

These products have helped me bring the groceries in, come home late to a well lit porch without having to leave the light on all day long, open my garage after a bike ride with the kids without having to bringmy key along, and even hide the cords of our wall mounted flat screen TV.

I’m all about a major renovation or a fun decorating project, but sometimes it’s the little things –right?

So let’s get to it!

5 easy diys that will make your home more functional

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In wall timer for lights that becomes part of your light switch

light timer that's part of your light switch


It’s the worst when I come home after dark and I’m fumbling around in the dark to find my keys usually with a big bag of something on my shoulder, a sleeping 5 year old –who‘s a tank, in my arms and a half awake 8 year old waiting for me to get the door open.

But once we installed this programmable in wall timer for our porch lights that fits right in with the light switch plate that scenario became a whole lot better. –Sure I still have a kid who’s way to heavy to be carried on me but at least I can see what I’m doing!

And I really love that it fits seamlessly into our light switch plate so there’s no bulky eyesore to make it all happen.

digital in-wall timer for lights

Product Source: programmable in wall digital timer switch for lights and appliances

Magnetic door stop/ door holder

magnetic door stop and door holder

Speaking of coming home with all that stuff attached to me…

when I come in through the garage the heavy garage door would end up coming right back at me – not cool!

But we had to replace our door stops when we did our baseboards and got these magnetic ones that are really awesome –remember, it’s the little things 😊

They work just like a door stop so your door doesn’t go flying into the wall, but they’re magnetic so they also prop the door open.

Plus they come in a bunch of different styles! You can check out all the options here.

magnetic door stop

Product Source: magnetic door stop/ door holder

It’s genius and a game changer for bringing in the groceries – or hoisting giant children into the house.

And since we’re on a roll with “getting into the house with ease” let me tell you about this next little gadget that’s saved me more times than I’d like to admit…

Wireless Keypad Garage Door Opener

wireless keypad garage door opener

Many afternoons after the kids get home we head up to the park with bikes to meet up with friends to play at the park and I don’t have to take my house key because I just open and close the garage with this wireless keypad garage door opener!

And I’ll admit that on occasion I’ve forgotten my keys and this little keypad has saved me.

It just sticks right on an inconspicuous spot on the outside of your house, you set the code, and bam… you’re all set! Plus it flips down when not in use so it’s protected and a bit more hidden.

It runs on batteries and once I had to borrow batteries from my neighbor to get into my house after an afternoon at the park, — but hey, at least I didn’t lose my house keys in the sand. That would’ve been way worse.


cordless key pad garage door opener

Product Source: wireless keypad garage door opener

Speaking of wireless. This next product made our wall mounted TV seem like it’s wireless –cause who wants a bunch of cords showing?


Kit to hide the cords of your wall mounted TV

Easy DIY kit to hide your cords when mounting a tv on the wall

When it came time to mount our flat screen TVs on the wall there was no way it was gonna happen if it meant that there would be a bunch of ugly cords running down the wall.

And it’s not just cause I like to create extra work for ourselves. I just like a really clean and finished look and this kit that we found to hide our TV and component cords in the wall was easy to install and satisfied both myself and the hubs.

He got a giant TV on the wall and I don’t have to look at the cords! #winning

The kit comes with great instructions and a plastic cover for where the cords go into the wall as well as a cover for where they come out below so it looks really pro in the end.

kit to hide TV cords in the wall

Product Source: recessed in wall cable management system

We also had to cut a hole in the back of the cabinet where the electricity and components are housed but it was easy and I love the finished look.

And speaking of a sort of battle of the sexes? Do you put your toilet paper on so it goes over or under?

I know it’s a life long debate that may never have an end but someone leaving an empty toilet paper roll on the holder around my house is almost nonexistent. This next one might just be my favorite…


Pivoting Toilet Paper Roll Holder

easy DIY for a more functional home


I know guys toilet paper isn’t something we normally discuss around here, but hang with me a minute.

I don’t know why those traditional toilet paper holders make replacing an empty toilet paper roll something people avoid like the plague, but they do – and ain’t nothing worse than being stuck on the toilet with no TP – am I right?

Maybe it’s the springs that scare people… I really don’t know and I’ll never have to figure it out cause we found a solution.

These pivoting toilet paper holders make it as easy as lifting the middle bar, taking off the empty roll, and putting the new one on.

Easy DIY - pivoting toilet paper holder that's so easy to refill

Product Source: pivoting toilet paper roll holder

Sooooo good and so easy, even a kid could do it!


So there you have it. Five easy DIY products that are going to save your sanity and make your home more functional.

I’d love to hear about any other products you’ve found that make life around your house a bit better so share them with me in the comments below!

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5 easy DIY\'s that will make your home more functional

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0 thoughts on “5 easy DIY’s that will make your home more functional

  1. Jackie says:

    Thank you for the great ideas! I’ve got a question about the recessed in-wall mount cable management system… Does it only work on a wall that is not concrete block? Our walls in our family room are made of block….My husband is worried that it won’t work there… What are your thoughts?

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Hey Jackie, sorry it would not work. The system requires sheet rock. You’d need a jackhammer for concrete block! Thanks for your interest!

  2. Leah McGrew says:

    Love the idea of the magnetic door stop, where was THAT 20 years ago? My great thing – combination key-less deadbolt. After having to run home from work several times because of a sick former roommate, I got one of these. Best thing EVER! I don’t have a garage, it had been converted into a room before I moved into the house, but this makes the front door that much easier to get in.

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Good one, Leah! I’ll have to put that on my wish list for next time!

  3. jean says:

    About which way to put the toilet paper on the roller: I don’t know if there is technically a right or wrong way, but this has been my experience (six kids and twelve and counting grandkids). If it rolls down from the top, it is fair game for toddlers and cats to unroll the entire thing. If it rolls down from the back, it just spins when they play with it.

    1. Corey Willis says:

      LOL Jean! I LOVE that tip; thanks a bunch for sharing it!

  4. Lynne says:

    Corey, thanks for sharing! We’ve been thinking about some of these same issues at our house. Although, we did happen upon the “awesome-est” toilet paper holder last year and absolutely love it! Now everyone can fill the empty toilet paper holder, not just me…:)

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Yay Lynne! Glad you found a solution that works for your home!

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