Truth: You've seen enough inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, and in magazines...

It's time to stop gathering inspiration and TAKE ACTION so you can finally make your home THE PLACE YOU CRAVE.

No budget-bending shopping spree, knocking down walls, or "being good at decorating" required.

So let's leave the stressful #ExtremeHomeMakeovers
to the HGTV crew…

Home Design Binder from Style Your Way Home

Because with a few simple tweaks, I'll show you how to work with what you've got and create a space that feels like you.

I'm talking about…

  • Making your home a place you spending time in (whether that means wine + cheese nights with friends, bonding over board games with the fam, or soaking up some much needed solo-time)…
  • Creating a room-to-room flow that makes it easy to do what matters to you (including the real life stuff like clutter control, storage and organization that can quickly take your space from #craycray to calm)…
  • Getting uber-clear on your personal tastes and style - so you know exactly what should stay, what's gotta go, and how to start bringing special touches into your home that feel meaningful, personal, and perfectly you…

Whether you're short on time, working with a budget, or aren't living in your "forever home" just yet…

You absolutely can start loving the space you're in (and much sooner than you think.

In Style Your Way Home, I show you exactly how to get the look and feel you want in your home, one simple bite at a time.

  • even if you’ve felt stuck for years
  • even if you’re not sure what your personal style is
  • and even if you aren’t “good at decorating.”
Style Your Way Home course curriculum

“I’ve bought a lot of courses but this is the only one that’s changed my home life.”

“Before doing Style Your Way Home, my decor style could be described as ‘the last thing I looked at on Pinterest.’ I was constantly changing my mind (every time I saw something else I liked) and shifting to another interior design direction. What a waste of time, money, and effort.

But you gave examples and ‘analyzed’ photos of rooms to teach me how to identify different styles and how they’d been mixed together. I learned how to identify my style and trained my eye to recognize other styles. Now I finally understand why I hate my current sofa and know what to look for, so I don’t waste money again.”

SYWH student Lois R

Lois R.

Course: Style Your Way Home

But first, you oughta know:

This is not your average home decor "how-to" guide!

Feel free to say "SEE YA NEVER" to…

  • Tired fingers and blurry eyes from scrolling the depths of Pinterest, flicking through magazines, and binge-watching home makeover shows, searching for dream home inspo… And feeling so overwhelmed that you don’t change anything.
  • Boring design theory and styling advice from interior designers and home decor gurus who live in perfect mansions with limitless budgets and kids that never seem to make a mess…… When what you really want is a simple but effective method to make your home work and feel more like you.
  • Deciding on a random Sunday that you hate your house and something’s gotta change – which means you either need to start from scratch, burn it down, or make a spontaneous trip to Target… But six fake plants, two new lamps, and one floor rug later, you realize that your space still doesn’t feel quite right. UGH!

I'm just going to say it...

Home decorating has become way too complicated… way too expensive… and takes too damn long!

So how about a new way instead?

  • What if you didn’t need to spend one more second wondering “what is my style anyway?”…because you finally have a doable (and budget-friendly) plan to make your home feel cohesive, cozy, and personalized to you?
  • What if making decisions about decor could finally feel easy and way more fun… because you’ve got a clear style for your home that helps you make faster, more confident choices? – Say goodbye to standing in a store aisle, feeling overwhelmed by all the options. You’ve got focus now, baby!
  • What if the mere thought of impromptu visitors didn’t need to be the stuff of panic attacks… because you’ve got a home style that is easy to maintain, easy to update, and ready for company, even at a moment’s notice?
  • And how freakin’ awesome would it be if you could wake up in the morning and come home everyday to a space that is relaxing, seriously good-looking, and set up to handle whatever life throws at you?
Corey in kitchen with kids


  • A home that makes memories.
  • A home that makes me feel amazing.
  • A home that shows my personality and tastes.
  • A home that’s set up for my life, not someone else’s.
  • A home that’s not just awesome to look at…but one I can actually live in as well.

Ya feel me? Then keep on scrolling...

Because I spent waaaay too long trying to think like a fancy interior designer…
When what I really needed was help creating a space that made sense for me.

dining room reveal before

I'm Corey, by the way.

May I introduce you to my formerly bland and boring, but technically "well designed", dining room?

Talk about neutral on neutral on neutral! - No worries if you’re into that, but for me? Nah-uh.

(Sitting in a Dentist’s office would be more exciting than eating dinner in this room.)

Did it follow the basic design rules of proportion, balance and repetition? Sure.

Just bland enough to be inoffensive to most people? Yep.

Totally forgettable and nothing like me? Reluctantly… yes.

This wasn’t the space I’d imagined…

Somewhere I could sit cross-legged with a glass of sav blanc, cracking inappropriate jokes with my friends late into the night.

It didn’t make me excited to invite people over.

It didn’t allow me to relax and regroup… and it definitely didn’t showcase my (award-winning) personality!

Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve been struggling to get the look and feel you’ve been craving - because you’re afraid to spend money on decisions you’re not sure are going to be good ones.

You don’t know if you’ll get sick of the colors you choose, or if (God forbid) you might buy an expensive sofa you’ll end up hating a year from now.

Dining Room After the makeover

Everywhere I looked, there was something that bugged me. But, where to start…?

Excellent question, I’m so glad you asked.

← Before I could get to my “after” (a space that feels fresh, alive, and just like me)…

I had to ignore the urge to go out and buy new stuff right away.

Because I needed a new way to approach decorating my home…

...One that hinged on 3 essential rules:

Corey's 3 Non-Negotiable Rules For Decorating Your Home
And NOT Hating The Process

(based on science)

RULE 1: It's gotta be FAST

I have seen the bottom of the Pinterest rabbit hole and it ain't pretty.

Nobody has 65 hours to spend creating a new dream board for their bedside tables, or 5 different shopping trips to compare prices on dining chairs at Crate & Barrel.

I can't give my kids away to the wolves and go on a 7-day shopping retreat to deck out my entire house in one fell swoop.

(And I don't have a spare $10K floating around in my couch cushions to buy it all either).

What I want - and what I KNOW you need, is a simple, one-bite-at-a-time process for creating a killer space.

You don't need to transform your home overnight.

So let's start small instead. Let's choose one spot that will make all the difference. Let's get clear on what you love, what you want, and what you need to make it happen (I promise it’s WAY less than you think)...

And then, at your own pace, we’ll bring it to life.

RULE 2: It's gotta be REALISTIC

Something strange happens when you flip through BHG Magazine or binge watch DIY Makeovers on HGTV.

You see all these people who transform their homes and fall in love with it…

...And it fools you into thinking that the only way you could possibly love your home is to start tearing down walls, making BIG purchases (andpossibly donating your husband or a spare kid to clear up some clutter while you're at it).

To that I say: NAY.

You don't have to drop thousands of $$$ decorating your home to make it a place you actually enjoy spending time in.

What if you could learn not just to "make do" with what you've got…

But, with a few simple tweaks… use your existing furniture and decor to create a space that makes you go "HECK YEAH!".

You can.

And hey, by all means, throw out what you don't love (I'll show you how to decide what stays and what goes)…But my approach is all about workin’ with what you've got, and making a few smart additions (if, and when you're ready) to really bring your space to life.

No more Target shopping sprees or regrettable impulse-buys necessary.

RULE 3: It's gotta make SENSE for you

Wanna learn how to decorate your home from a fancy designer who lives in a mansion in the woods… when you live in a 4-bedroom in the ‘burbs?

Go ahead, but don't be surprised when you realize that the strategies you learn won’t help you create a home that’s functional for you.

Your home has to work for YOU. And nobody else.

So before we start falling in love with colors, textures, and mid-century wooden headboards, we have to ask…

What makes YOU feel most at home?

Is it having a place for everything, and everything in its place? A seamless way to manage the messiness of school drop offs, pick-ups, and the Saturday morning sports madness that turns your entryway into a battlefield?

Is it about having a kitchen setup that allows you to entertain your favorite people, while effortlessly transitioning from conversation, to cooking, to clean up without a hitch? (Even if you’ve got an older home that isn’t exactly “open plan”?)

Or are you a hardcore introvert who needs a few special corners in your home to feel like #cozytown: a place where you can sink in, tune out the world, and immerse yourself in your fav book or Netflix series

There's no right or wrong. You get to decide.

And most importantly of all…

We're gonna figure out how to make that dream a reality in the space you've already got.

built in toy storage

As a busy mom of two, I need my home to feel both luxurious and livable.

Because how well your home works for you (or doesn’t) has a big impact on the way you feel - and you deserve to feel awesome.

And it shouldn’t take a Beyoncé-sized budget or an 18-month timeline for you to turn your home into a space that feels good and flows.

SYWH front room before - after
SYWH built in before after
SYWH kitchen before - after
Corey - Hey There Home Blog

I share my no-fuss approach to home decorating with more than 25,000 readers at Hey There, Home - and I can’t wait to show you my complete process for creating a space you love, one simple bite at a time.

As a former high-school teacher who now teaches DIY design full-time, I’ve got a knack for simplifying complex ideas into information you can put into action right away.

The insights and strategies you’ll learn inside Style Your Way Home aren’t available anywhere else, and they’re based on my own experience as someone who went from “design challenged” to decorating my ideal home for myself and my family on a budget (and helping thousands of others do the same).

The step-by-step approach to decorating your home with confidence is waiting for you inside.

Style Your Way Home

Style Your Way Home is a one-bite-at-a-time, crazy simple and dangerously effective method for creating a functional, beautiful space that feels like you.

It works for all budgets and all living arrangements.

(If you've got 4 walls and a roof, we're good!)

Whether you're…

  • Renting for the foreseeable future, not in your “forever home” yet, or limited by the changes you can make
  • Ready to refresh the space you’ve got (without knocking down walls or making major purchases before you’re ready)
  • Starting from scratch and want to go “all in” on designing your space, without the overwhelm or expensive mistakes

Style Your Way Home gives you a fast, repeatable and fun process
for creating a space that makes sense.

diy decorating course SYWH

I am much appreciative.

“For the first time in my life I understand exactly what my style is and how I can carry it out. I’ve read various articles throughout the years and you are the FIRST person who has been able to help me sort this out. I now know what I like and no longer feel like I have to copy someone else’s style. I am much appreciative. Thank you, Corey!”

Mary L.

Course: Style Your Way Home

tools to decorate your home SYWH

It wasn’t intimidating at all!

“This course is so fun and it gives you tools you can use over and over again. I found that the questions [Corey] asked to identify my style forced me to think carefully. I’m continuing to use the worksheets by updating them as I make changes and revisit my style homework. Now I have tools that I can use again and again and it wasn’t intimidating at all!”

Julie M.

Course: Style Your Way Home

Here's how it works:

Style Your Way Home is a self-paced online course that you can access from anywhere in the world.

When you enroll today, you get instant access to the complete Style Your Way Home system to create and execute your personal home decor plan - to make a space that feels gorgeous and works for your life, your needs, and your budget.

SYWH Online Decorating Course - video lessons

6 quick-action video modules, rich with visual examples and before & after transformations that bring each concept to life in a way that’s easy to understand and apply to your home.

style mix pyramid flatlay - SYWH

“Get it done” worksheets, printables and decision-making guides to streamline your thinking and help you feel confident in your design choices, room by room and across your entire home.

SYWH Live Calls

Access to our monthly coaching calls and the library of past call recordings for 6 MONTHS! Submit photos and questions about your space, get my feedback, and never feel like you're going at it alone.

Designed to get you into action fast, with Style Your Way Home you can change the way you feel about your home in as little as one afternoon.

“Defining my style has helped with every decision.”

“After taking your decorating course, I’ve found that defining my own style has helped with every decision. This course is affordable and gives the whole picture – the kind of advice I’ve been looking for for years but always felt frustrated when other people’s ideas were pushed and I still didn’t understand the concepts and precepts.

…and It’s great to find that money is not an issue, as you give so many ideas that can be adapted to what I already have or what I can afford, and I’m also so grateful that I can pick the course back up at any time and keep going back to basics.”

SYWH student Ingrid O

Ingrid O.

Course: Style Your Way Home

Take it room by room or refresh your entire home.

Lauren used the process she learned in Style Your Way Home to breathe new life into her space:

Lauren R. Sunroom Before and After
Lauren R. Living Room Before and After
Lauren R. Sunroom Before and After 2
Lauren R. Kitchen and Dining Before and After

Here's exactly what you'll learn:

Each video module comes with its own companion workbook to help you clarify what you’ve learned and create a realistic, inspiring plan for your home.


Module 1: Discover your true personal style

SYWH mod 1

(Let’s get hooked on a feelin’)

The first step toward creating a home you love is getting clear on how you want your home to make you feel.

You’ll work through a series of thought-provoking prompts to give you new insight into what you love and why you love it - so you can begin creating a plan to bring your favorite elements, textures, styles and more into your own home.

You'll complete:

  • The “Discover Your Style” Workbook

You’ll walk away with:

  • razor-sharp clarity around your personal style and what lights you up.

Module 2: Gather inspiration with focus

SYWH mod 2

(And escape the Pinterest time-suck for good)

I’ll show you a fast, effective method for gathering clear examples of your personal style, without getting stuck in the Pinterest hole of doom.

You’ll love the “over my shoulder” video tutorial where I show you exactly how to use Pinterest to give you major clarity and style inspiration for your entire home, in 60 minutes or less (yes, really!)

You'll complete:

  • A printable one-page mood board for the look and feel you want to create in your home.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A plan for incorporating what you love and what you’ve already got into a cohesive plan for your decor.


Module 3: Define your style with the 3-part design recipe

SYWH mod 3

(It’s better than secret herbs and spices)

Now that we’ve clarified your style, it’s time to make ultra clear. We’ll give your style a name that creates boundaries for what stays, what goes, and what comes into your space.

With my special 3-part recipe, you’ll identify your base style, your supporting style, the “go-to” elements that capture each, and supporting details that will elevate your space and bring it to life.

You'll complete:

  • The “Style Definition” Workbook that captures your perfect blend of shapes, textures, materials, colors and more.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A simplified decision-making process that ensures only the right items get to stay or come into your home.

Module 4: Create your unique style mix: personality, variety and fun

SYWH mod 4

(You’re not boring, so why should your home be?)

It’s time to start mixing styles like a pro. Truth is, most people love more than one kind of style - and those are the little quirks that make you, you.

I’ll share my best strategies to help you bring in all the different styles and sentimental pieces you love in a way that feels cohesive, thoughtful, and rich with character.

You'll complete:

  • A series of my favorite style-mixing strategies to instantly create cohesion in each room, and throughout your whole home.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A whole new set of skills that will help you create balance in any space.


Module 5: Keep it cohesive with your Whole-Home Decor Plan

SYWH mod 5

(AKA your crazy-simple battle plan for a mighty fine space.)

The Big Kahuna! It’s time to bring everything together into my (world-famous) Whole Home Decor Plan.

We’ll take everything you’ve learned so far and turn it into a simple, easy-to-reference guide to make your decisions easy-as-apple-pie.

From now on, you’ll know exactly what to look for when selecting new items (and what you can safely ignore).

You'll complete:

  • The “Go-To Elements” worksheet and your “Style Mix Pyramid” that distills all of the amazing insights we’ve gathered about your personal style – starting from the base (that’s your big furniture) right through to the style details that add interest and character to your space.
  • PLUS: You’ll print out the pages provided to create your personal “Home Design Style Binder”. From now on, everything you need to make awesome decorating decisions will be in one place (and you can even take it with you on your next shopping trip).

You’ll walk away with:

  • A fully fleshed-out plan for the personal, cohesive style you want to create in your space — one that incorporates what you’ve already got (while clarifying what, if anything, you need to add to round things out).


Module 6: A room-by-room approach to make any space look good and feel great

SYWH mod 6 mockup

(Making great decisions has never been so easy with these repeatable steps!)

The key to making your home feel cohesive from room to room is in knowing how to adjust your Whole-Home Decor Plan to reflect the specific function and feeling you want from each room in your home.

Some rooms are meant for playing, others for working, while others are made for relaxing… and I’ll show you how to strike the right balance and create distinct “zones” in your home.

I’ll teach you my 4-step fail-proof method for creating a home you love, one room at a time.

You'll complete:

  • My favorite organization tools to help you plan without the overwhelm! When you’re ready, room by room, you’ll complete a budget planner, an inventory checklist, a style pyramid and a floorplan to help you visualize what you need before you spend a dime (And if you decide to add anything new to your space, you’ll be able to do it quickly, effectively, and on-budget.)

You’ll walk away with:

  • A comprehensive, room-by-room plan that makes sure your home is set up to make you feel amazing, look mighty fine, and work well for you and your entire family. (AKA: bliss.)

And I haven't even told you about the bonuses yet!

I’ve easily saved 3 or 4 times the investment of this course

“I’ve easily saved 3 or 4 times the investment of this course already because I’ve not wasted money on decor mistakes.

There is so much advice on Pinterest, you might be tempted to think that you’ll just figure it out on your own. You might. But why take the chance. (Chances are, if you could figure it out on your own, you would have done so already.) If you’re still struggling: Buy. This. Course!

Corey is an amazing teacher. Everything is clearly explained, with tons of examples. You’re in safe hands.”

SYWH Student Sarah C

Sarah C.

Course: Style Your Way Home

I've also put together 2 incredible bonuses to take home decorating from overwhelming to wildly effective and seriously fun...

BONUS 1: How to Decorate With Your Better Half

Whether you and your partner are equally excited about design (or you’re both kinda clueless and it feels like the blind leading the blind), everybody deserves to feel at home in their space.

Style Your Way Home Bonus - How to decorate with your spouse

That’s why I’ve put together a fast-action workbook for you and your other half to complete together. (And believe it or not, this is a great bonding exercise - especially if you do it with a sparkly drink and your favorite snacks.)

In this bonus, I give you a series of quick prompts to ask each other that will show you how to incorporate both of your styles into your decor plan.

  • You’ll ensure that both of you are represented in your home, without having to compromise on what you love.
SYWH student Sharon S

"If you want to love being in your home, take this program"

"We are moving into a new house and I wanted to take the time to make it feel pulled together, but not like a model home. I was thinking of hiring an interior designer to help us before I found Corey.

Style Your Way Home has helped me plan for our new house, while also making some changes to the place we're living in now, and really bring out the elements that make it special -- even though I can't paint or do anything structural.

I want somebody to be able to walk into our home and immediately be able to see "us" in it, because it speaks to mine and my husband's personalities. Corey showed us how to bring in what we love without making it look like a themed restaurant, or a log of different styles all at once.

Corey shows you how to identify and bring together all the different styles you love. It's given me the confidence to style my home without having to hire someone else. I finally know how to make my home look inviting, and not mismatched, but pulled together.

Your home should be the place that you feel most yourself. And you need to feel comfortable in it too. If you want to love being in your home take this program. Whether you're an experienced decorator or a total beginner, Corey makes the whole process feel approachable and doable."

The live calls were so helpful. I learned so much from getting answers to my questions but I also learned a ton from the questions submitted by other students in the course."

Sharon S.

Course: Style Your Way Home

BONUS 2: Live Coaching Calls With Me

Need some rapid-fire feedback on how to tackle a specific problem area in your home, or want help making a decision? You got it.

Every month, I make myself available to you on an exclusive “Style Your Way Home” Community Coaching Call.

You’ll be able to join me on these calls for 6 months - that’s 6 months of feedback, troubleshooting and support!

SYWH Live Coaching Calls

You can hang out with me live to troubleshoot your space, or just submit your questions in advance to get in-depth advice from me to help you get unstuck (and catch the recording in your own time).

  • In addition you’ll get access to the live call library filled with over 3 years worth of recorded live calls for you to watch at your convenience.
  • You’ll also get access to our members only community forum so you can ask questions, get feedback, and post your wins (no Facebook group required.)

“I learned a lot about myself and how I want to feel in my home in this course.”

“Now I can recognize decorating styles and I learned that it’s okay to mix styles, which as really opened up so many options for me. I also learned that I don’t have to exhaust every source of information out there – I was spending way to much time on Pinterest.

The live calls were so helpful. I learned so much from getting answers to my questions but I also learned a ton from the questions submitted by other students in the course.”

Joy M.

Course: Style Your Way Home

Need one more reason to love Style Your Way Home?

It's fast…and there's no fluff.

Are you a “let’s get in there and get it done” kinda gal? Perfect.

  • You can binge-watch the entire program in an afternoon, create your plan and get to work right away. No boring theory or Pinterest-scrolling marathon sessions.
  • Style Your Way Home’s streamlined approach will have you loving your space in record time.

Or are you a “slow and steady, and life’s kinda busy right now” sorta person? GREAT!

  • The content is completely self-paced and each module is designed to help you take small but powerful steps toward creating your ideal space.

    (Even if you can only dedicate 10 minutes at a time to make it happen.)

close up working with tools SYWH

“Style Your Way Home is easy to work through and the workbooks make it so easy to refer back to the lessons.

It’s set up in a logical order, and because I have lifetime access I’ve taken my time to make big decisions and I’m so happy with my final result!

For me, I tend to sit on things, reflect and then make my final decisions. This course allows me that!”

SYWH student Stephanie B

Stephanie B.

Course: Style Your Way Home

No Overwhelm!

“Thank you so much for this course! It was well done all the way through and easy to follow. It gave me enough information to sink my teeth into without getting overwhelmed.

The videos were the perfect length and the exercises and live calls were very helpful. Plus, I love that I can go back and refer to lessons and use the worksheets as I move though each room in the future.”

Debbie L.

Course: Style Your Way Home

You don’t need to settle for boring (or worse: over-decorated).

Believe it or not…

The best person to decorate your home is YOU!

You just need a new way to identify what you love, what you need, and how to bring it to life.

Style Your Way Home gives you everything you need to create a cohesive, personality-filled home that works.

No matter where you're starting, or what sort of home you're living in.

  • No interior designers required
  • No more panic-buying
  • No spendy renovations
  • No more expensive mistakes
  • No more inspiration-overwhelm
  • Just a reliable, repeatable process that gets results.

Enroll today to get your hands on all these goodies:

Style Your Way Home course curriculum
  • Lifetime access to the complete “Style Your Way Home” program, including 6 video-based online training modules with worksheets and printables to get you into action, at your own pace.
  • BONUS 1: How to Decorate With Your Better Half Quick-Action Workbook
  • BONUS 2: 6 months of Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Corey to troubleshoot your design dilemmas, and access to our private member community
  • PLUS: Everything you need to create your own mood boards for each room and create your own Home Design Binder to keep everything organized and ready to take with you.
  • Free & forever access to all future program updates

Ready to begin with Style Your Way Home?

I'm excited to start working with you to create a home you love!

What happens when you enroll?

Watch this quick video to see how your Style Your Way Home learning experience will look and feel.

Having difficulty enrolling in the program or need a question answered? Get in touch with us.

“You make decorating so simple, understandable, and exiting!”

“I now realize that I can decorate on my own with your talent, knowledge, and guidance to help me make the right decisions for my home.”

SYWH student Paula G

Paula G.

Course: Style Your Way Home

“This course is down to earth!”

“Corey is so personable with everyone and really cares about her students. This course is down to earth and I love that we’re not expected to spend a lot of money on re-decorating. The skills I learned can be applied to a lot of what I already own.”

Joy M.

Course: Style Your Way Home

Whether you’re an interior design junkie, a home decor dabbler, or seriously design challenged… you’re in good hands.

This is home decorating for real people!

It doesn’t matter if you’re renting, working with an older
home, or short on time with a tight budget.

These Style Your Way Home students are making it work with what they’ve got and learning to “shop” their homes for pieces they love:

SYWH student Leslie G

"My husband used to call me the "queen of returns", but now I'm more confident in my decisions because I'm going in with a plan."

"When I first moved into my home, I was in college with roommates -but fast forward to 2018, and I was engaged. The needs for the rooms in my home quickly changed.

It was built in 1908, so it's basically the opposite of "open concept". So many doors! But it has character, and I just needed to find a way to make it work for us. The individual rooms looked nice enough, but I didn't know how to bring it together in a way that made it feel like a whole home.

Instead of another cookie cutter home, I really wanted something that felt like me. I had a bunch of hand-me-downs and stuff from college and I just didn't know where to start. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and browsing Target until I found Corey.

Corey's process is so step-by-step that you can't go wrong. It was so specific, start to finish: the worksheets, the videos…it's all so well-done.

I used the course to take my porch from this hodgepodge of furniture to a place that we really love spending time in, just as a couple and with company. I have a plan for my whole home now, and I'm taking it one room at a time.

I was worried that I wouldn't have time to complete the course, but the way it's structured make is really easy to put down and pick up again whenever you need it. I go through phases where I want to refresh things, and the entire course is right there waiting for me whenever I'm ready."

Leslie G.

Course: Style Your Way Home

“I’m so happy I signed up for this course!”

“I’ve loved decorating for years, but felt my skill level was lacking so I didn’t have much confidence and was never truly satisfied when I completed a project because it didn’t always tie in together nicely. But this course helped me break decorating down into easy steps that I can follow and not feel overwhelmed.”

SYWH student Carolyn


Course: Style Your Way Home

“This course was fun and gave me the structure I needed to build on.”

“It breaks everything down into small steps, so I didn’t get ahead of myself and it felt good to take it a little bite at a time and think about the decisions I was making.

I learned that it’s okay to have a mixed styles and I now know how to blend them together to get a cohesive look!”

SYWH student Gail N

Gail N.

Course: Style Your Way Home

“I’d recommend this course!”

“I was so unsure about what I wanted for my home but now, I know what I want and what I don’t.

I’ve learned to take my time before buying or changing too much.

I’d recommend this course to anyone who’s having an issue finding their style.”

SYWH student Ursula M

Ursula M.

Course: Style Your Way Home

Still have questions?

Can I join if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes! I’ve had students from all over the world! All you need is an internet connection.

When does the course begin and end?

As soon as you enroll you’ll gain access to the course area where the entire course will be ready for you. Binge-watch it like your fav new Netflix series, or work through it step by step at your own pace - the choice is yours!
You also have lifetime access to all of the lessons so you can go back as often as you'd like.

Do I get support, community or 1:1 access to you?

Yes! You'll get access to 6 months of monthly live coaching calls with me, where you'll submit your questions and we'll dive into your space together. If you can’t be there live, you can send in a question ahead of time and watch the replay for my feedback.
Plus, you get access to our members-only community forum to share your wins, get your questions answered, and stop trying to figure this out on your own. It’s a judgement-free community with only cool people allowed… and I’m personally in the community answering questions every week.

How will I access the course material?

The entire course is online and can be accessed from anywhere (even on mobile). When you enroll, you’ll be asked to create a username and password. Once your payment is complete you’ll receive an email with a link to log into the course area where you’ll access the course material: video lessons, printable workbooks, and resources.

How long does it take to get through the course?

The course is designed to work at your own pace, but I've broken the material down into 6 sections to take you step-by-step through the process without overwhelming you. Each section has 2-3 video lessons (7-12 min. each) and worksheet exercises for you to complete. You can complete it in an afternoon, or just work in 10-minute chunks of time at your own pace. Either way, you get lifetime access to the course material including any future updates!

What are my payment options?

You can pay with Paypal or use a credit or debit card via our secure payment system. You'll get access to the course area as soon as payment is complete. Your login details and payment confirmation will be emailed to you.

You can pay in full or split the payment into 4 payments. The first billed today, and the remaining 3 on the same day the next 3 consecutive months.

What is your refund policy?

If you go through the course, do the work, and aren't satisfied, you have 45 days to request a refund. When requesting a refund, you must show your completed workbooks and exercises for each of the 6 core modules. You won't get results unless you follow the program, and I'm confident that if you follow the steps, you’ll love the outcome — and if you don’t, I’ll refund your money in full.

Will I have to go out and by new furniture and decor?

Definitely not! We take a close look at what you're naturally drawn to and chances are you already have most of what you need. You'll look at what you already own with a fresh perspective and when it is time to make a new purchase you won't have to fear making the wrong choice, cause you'll have your Decor Plan and the skills to know what will work and what won't in your space.

My style is different from yours. Will I still benefit from this course?

Absolutely. This course will walk you through the necessary steps to figure out YOUR style (and you won't have to choose just one!) Once you've defined your style, you'll learn how to apply it in any room to get a look and feel that works for you and your family.

What if I have zero design skills?

You’re in the right place! No design skills are required to get big results from this course. If you're eager to create a home you love and are willing to work through the steps I lay out, you'll end the course with a solid Decor Plan that will guide your decorating decisions, eliminate indecision, and impulse purchases.
Both experienced home designers and design newbies LOVE the process they learn inside the program.

Corey in family room

With the right approach and a little support, turning any space into a place that feels like home is a skill you can learn — and you’ll use it for life.

  • Imagine being so clear on your personal style that you’re able to walk into a store and know immediately if an item will go nicely in your home.
  • Imagine having a repeatable, simple process for deciding what you need, what you don’t, and how to create your ideal space on-time and on-budget.
  • Imagine having a home that puts you in a good mood and showcases who you are and what you love. (While also reflecting the personality of each person who lives there, too.)
  • Imagine a home that’s easy to maintain, because every room has a clear purpose, a balanced feel, and is set up to make your life more enjoyable, streamlined, and fun.
  • Imagine having friends for dinner, coming home after a long day, or spending a summer Sunday in a home that feels like the perfect backdrop for your ideal life.

No need to dream about it…

Let's make it happen together.

SYWH Student Claire F

“I wanted to create memories in our space and for our kids to grow up in a place that felt like home”

"With 2 small kids and a full-time job in healthcare, I have a pretty busy life. We had just moved into a new home and I found myself constantly looking for ways to fill the empty spaces. Even in our old home, there were so many rooms that we’d never done anything with because we couldn’t decide what to do.

It sounds dramatic but having an unfinished home made me feel like my family was missing out in some way. I wanted us to be able to create memories in our space, and I didn’t want them to look back when they’re older and think that our house never felt like a home. I just didn’t know how to make the space look nice as well as usable.

I enrolled in Style Your Way Home because I was looking for ways to be efficient with my time. I love decor but I don’t have time to stare at store aisles anymore. Having access to Corey and being able to interact with her when I was stuck or had questions was a huge plus.

Today, I’m able to go to a store and very quickly narrow in on what is even worth looking at, because I’ve got clarity from the process Corey walks us through. The plan keeps me focused and decisions are just easier.

Style Your Way Home is for people who care about their home but don’t want to waste time or money on trial and error. If you want a process that will give you back more time, plus extra coaching with Corey that saves you from expensive mistakes or the wrong decisions, this is a great choice for you."

Claire F.

Course: Style Your Way Home

I can't wait for you to get started!

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“I’m now moving away from the mental block I’ve had to decorating and now believe that I can actually decorate my own space that I will love and be proud of!”