Maybe I do love technology…This Sonos Wireless Music System Is Rocking My World!

Nerd alert! Today I’m going to be spilling my guts about something usually only the hubs gets excited about but this time it has me all be-boppin! We have been living in silence in this house for way too long but now we are literally shakin’ our booties all hours of the day because we have music in any room we want, at any time we want, thanks to our new  wireless music system! Specifically our Sonos wireless hifi sound system that streams music from pretty much any source you could imagine!

wireless music system


Typical me would usually hear something like “wireless streaming music system,” yawn, let the hubs figure out how to set it up, and then pretty much be dependent on him to ever use it cause when it comes to technology I just don’t love taking the time to figure it all out. Until I discovered this system, I pretty much longed for the days when I wanted to listen to a song and could pop a CD in. Call me old school no more!

About a year ago, my parents got the sonos audio system and my dad hasn’t stopped talking about it since. And my mom, one of the most technoligicly challenged people I know (sorry mom) is able to use it all of the time too! Without getting frustrated! So when Sonos sent me a home audio system of my own I could not wait to try it out (and the hubs thought it was Christmas in July.)

What makes it so great you ask?

Well, it arrived at our house and within 20 minutes we were streaming music in our living room and in our new outdoor living room from our favorite music sources like Pandora, I Heart Radio, and our own playlists.

sonos review

Sonos sent us a Play 1 and Play 3 to try out and the bridge to make it all work seamlessly.

Sonos Setup

I know I already said it, but the set up of this system was so easy. We simply downloaded the Sonos App onto our devices, plugged the bridge into our router and an electricity source, clicked the buttons on our devices to add each component (speaker), and selected our favorite music sources to play from. There are a ton of music sources to pick from. You can check out all the music sources that work with the system right here.  Within minutes we were playing music and controlling our music selection and the volume from our phones. How cool is that?

You can download the app to your smartphone, tablet, or even your desktop computer. When you want music in a different place, you simply stop the music, turn off the speaker, unplug it from the wall and move it to a new spot!

Our favorite spot to listen so far is in our backyard. You can’t leave the speaker outside all of the time, because it is not weather proof, but the speakers are so easy to move around we just take it out there when we are entertaining or spending time outside. Same goes for when we are working in the garage. It is awesome!

sonos wireless system

I first mentioned this wireless sound system the other day when I was giving a tour of our Outdoor Living Room.  So far this has been where we have listened the most.

sonos review 2

But that very same day, when we were in for the evening that same speaker (the Play 3) provided music in our living room.

wireless music system 2

So far we’ve used the Play 1 (the smallest of the speakers) upstairs in our master bedroom while we get ready, or in our loft while we play. I even have it playing right now in my (very messy) office while I write this post!

There is something about music that just feels good to the ol’ soul right? I forgot how much I love having music playing. Who knew this girl could fall in love with something “techie”!

This really is a great way to get music throughout your house without having to wire for it.

Get your Sonos Wireless hifi system at these retailers.



*A big thank you to Sonos for providing this system for me to review. My favorable opinion of how great it is to have music throughout my house is 100% my own.

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7 thoughts on “Maybe I do love technology…This Sonos Wireless Music System Is Rocking My World!

  1. Thanks for your reply.. I showed my husband the link! When the time comes we can go to your site! Let me know where I can send you an invite to my Fabulous Friday Party. Normally I do it through Mail chimp, but if you prefer another way..
    Thanks Maria

    1. Hi there! Yes the link is an affiliate link (and of course I’d love for you to use it if you could.) Congrats on building a house. That is so awesome and you will love how easy this system is and the sound is great! I’ve had your link party on my to do list for months! I’ve taken a bit of a break from link parties lately, but plan to get back in the game soon and I’ll be at your party when I do! Thanks for the invite!

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  3. cjohnson says:

    We bought the sonos soundbar and play 1 last year when we got a new TV that needed a sound bar….we are also building a new house and everyone was telling us that we needed to wire in speakers in every room (at $500 per speaker, I don’t think so!) so we thought testing the sonos with one speaker and a soundbar would be a good test four our new house. We absolutely love it and have decided there is no reason to put wires in the wall for permanent speakers when we can use these! I bought another play 1 for the master bathroom and I listen to it every day while I get ready. The app is on all our phones and ipads, my kindle fire…plus you can just turn it off or on by just touching the button on the top. I am definitely buying a play 3 for the new house when we move and adding more speakers as we can afford them!

  4. I love our Sonos system. My wife bought me/us a Sonos system as a gift last year and it is wonderful. The ease of use is great. She bought a full surround system for our living room, this includes a Playbar, the Sub, and 2 Play 3s. We want to further expand by replacing the Play 3s with a set of Play 1s. This will let us move the Play 3s to other rooms, like the basement or outdoors.

    Since you have both and are a non “techie” wife, how do you feel the sound compares between the Play 1 and the Play 3?

    1. Great question! (And I’m so excited to have a guy chime in on here for once!) I really like the sound of both. I typically am not blasting music so the Play 1 is just perfect for me, especially in spaces like my office. The Play 3 though, sounds great at higher volumes so it has been fun to have downstairs in our bigger living area and have dance parties with the kids. And it is the better one for outside too where the sound isn’t contained. Sounds like you have quite the set up, and with how much we love this, we will most likely add to it soon! I’m hearing songs from my old playlists that I haven’t heard in years!

    2. We have seen the Play 1 at Target but you can’t “test it out” there because you start getting funny looks when you turn it up. Our system is hooked up to the TV (hence the living room) and we love it for movies. The Play 3s requires a bit more space then the Play 1s (another reason we want to swap them out). I worry about shaking the neighbor’s house with our setup, the Sub is awesome. Outside of movies we use it for Pandora, we have a non paid account and I don’t think I have ever heard a commercial while using Sonos.

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