Easy Steps  To Create  A Color Palette For Your Home


Choosing colors for your entire home can feel overwhelming

So many choices makes it difficult to know which colors will go together!

You want to quickly pick the right colors without stress...

...and not second guess or regret your choices later.

When choosing a color scheme, it’s best to stick to 3-5 main colors.

This will make it easy to find colors that go together and create a cohesive look throughout your home.

Step 1: Pick a white  for trim, doors, closets, and cabinetry/painted furniture.

Step 2: Pick a neutral as your main go-to color for living spaces and hallways.

Step 3: Pick a saturated color for eye-catching color “wows” or use lighter shades of this color to add interest.

Step 4:  Pick a second color that that either compliments or contrasts your first color.

Step 5: Pick an accent color to use in accessories like pillows and art prints

This is an example of the color palette I use in my own home.

My family room starts with my neutral, layers on various shades of blue, and sprinkles in green and pink.

My kitchen uses more shades of blue, and variations of my neutral.

My living room is light and bright with white as the main color, lots of my saturated color, and some accent color.

Using variations of these colors in different doses from room to room creates a cohesive look without every room feeling the same.

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