Blanket ladders are a fun accent piece that go with any decor style.

You can get the look you want and save a ton of $ with this easy diy.

And you don’t need experience or expensive tools so let’s get started!

Supplies for a  62” tall  18” wide ladder

2 in. x 2 in. x 8 foot furring strips - 2 ea

2 – 1/2 inch wood screws -  8 ea

Wood glue, stain (I used MiniWax dark walnut)

Measuring tape, Drill, Hack Saw

Cut one 5 foot wood piece from each 8 foot piece, so  you have two five foot pieces, and....

Cut four 18 inch wood pieces from remaining wood.

Sand wood pieces (depending on how rustic you want the finish)

Lay pieces out on the ground to make a ladder. For the rungs, mark 18 inches from the bottom, and space out 12 inches apart from there.

Dab wood glue on the end of each rung and line up with each mark.

(Optional) Pre drill a hole on the outside for the screw if you're using a hard wood.

Attach each rung with a screw from the outside going straight into the center of each rung.

Stain it the color of your choice (optional) and let it dry and air out completely.

Finish with a clear coat of lacquer to seal the wood. (optional)

Use the link below for more detailed steps for how to make a blanket ladder + video tutorial.

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