3 Simple Steps To Decluttering Like  Crazy


So you’ve tried decluttering but  got overwhelmed, and ended up with a bigger mess than you started with.

Maybe you got stuck trying to figure out which room to declutter first....

....or how to decide what to keep, and how to let go of things without guilt.

I've been there...but I finally figured out a way to completely declutter my home!

It's an easy mental shift that has allowed me to declutter like I’ve never decluttered before!

I start by asking myself  3 simple questions...

?  ?  ?

If you saw it today in a store would you fall in love with it and have to have it in your home?

Is it beautiful?

Does it actually get used regularly or make your life easier in some way?


Is it useful?

Does it tell your story in some way and/or bring on good feelings for you?


Is it sentimental?

With those questions in mind, I've gone through one space at a time and kept only the most beautiful, useful, and meaningful things and let go of the rest.

And the result is amazing! It’s changed the way we live and feel in our home for the waaaaay better.


Pick one small spot in your home and ask yourself the 3 questions for each item.

Your Turn!

Start somewhere small and easy (like a desktop.)

Limit yourself to about an hour at a time to avoid burnout.

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