Paper Bag Lion Craft for Preschoolers

This paper bag lion craft idea was born from my (not going so well) New Year’s resolution to always keep those reusable grocery bags in the car. I’m successful about 50% of the time, but find myself popping into the grocery store unplanned and so I end up with paper bags that I have to find a use for to redeem myself. My 3 year old loved this project and it kept her busy and interested the entire time. The win for me…very easy prep and a happy kid who isn’t plopped in front of the TV while I get the kitchen cleaned up.Easy Toddler Activity:  Paper Bag Lion

You will need:
  • A paper bag
  • yellow and orange construction paper (for the mane)
  • red construction paper (for the tongue) or you can draw it on with a marker
  • A marker for the mouth
  • Googly eyes (or draw them on)
  • Pipe cleaners (for the whiskers)
  • a glue stick
  • Elmer’s glue

 Easy Preparation: (older kids could do this part themselves)

crafts for kids lion

  • Cut a big circle out of the paper bag (for the face)
  • Cut 2 ears out of the paper bag
  • Cut strips of the yellow and orange paper into small squares for the mane.
  • Cut each pipe cleaner into 3 pieces (to make 6 pieces) for the whiskers.
  • Draw a nose and mouth on the face with a marker.

Easy Toddler Activity:  Paper Bag Lion

I helped my little lady get the ears on and get started with the mane. Then she was busy with her glue stick and the rest of the squares for some time. She loves having control of the glue stick and tells me that she is a “big girl” who does it “all by myeslf.” I love it!
I was in the kitchen getting it cleaned up and stopped every so often to help her move to the next step, but I let her decide where to put things. After all, it is art right? I have to remind myself that her vision of the finished product may be different from mine and I have to let HER create. I know, I know. This is hard sometimes, but in the end it will truly be their creation.

Easy Toddler Activity:  Paper Bag Lion

The final step is getting those whiskers on. I put a decent amount of Elmer’s glue (school glue) on the face for her and she put the whiskers on. She decided to do all the light brown on one side and the dark brown on the other cause she is way into categorizing things these days. Haha.

Easy Toddler Activity:  Paper Bag Lion

She had so much fun and couldn’t wait to show daddy and hang it up in her room once it was dry. A very proud little lady if I do say so myself! Enjoy!

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