The Declutter Method - Online Decluttering Course

The Declutter Method is an online decluttering program with 30+ step-by-step decluttering tasks to take back your space.

The Declutter Method Online Decluttering Program

Do you ever...

  • struggle to figure out where to start decluttering first?
  • feel like your just shifting things from one area to another and making a bigger mess?
  • feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you need to go through?
  • have a hard time deciding what to keep and what to let go of? Especially the sentimental stuff?
  • worry that if you get rid of something, you’ll discover a need for it later.
  • or maybe you start decluttering, but get burned out and never finish. – That was me soooo many times.

Are you ready to finally succeed in clearing the clutter and have a space you love spending time in?

Well, then I'm so excited you're here!

What if you could…

Create a fool-proof criteria for what to keep and what to get rid of?

Work through a room
quickly and

Create systems
so the clutter
doesn't come back?

Here's the deal…

There's a reason why you haven't been able to get your clutter under control.

You can't achieve different results if you don't change your approach… but if you're ready to take real action and want real results, I'm your girl.

Well-designed System!

“I’m not a disciplined or organized person by nature, but I work well under someone else’s well-designed system! Corey breaks [decluttering] down with smart strategies, systems, and built-in accountability, that made me so successful! I’ve read declutter books, internet materials, and other online courses, and this one worked best for me!”

Ann S.

Course: The Declutter Method

Not my first attempt…

“I’ve tried other decluttering and organizing programs in the past, and I’ve been having much better “luck” with yours:) I look forward to another of your courses, after the Decluttering!”

Anna P.

Course: The Declutter Method


I'll walk you through it step-by-step.

STEP 1: Learn The Method

  • Get rid of all the second guessing and know exactly what to keep and what to let go of using my 3 step guide to create your unique criteria.
  • Learn my simple step-by step method for breaking down a large decluttering task into small manageable tasks.

STEP 2: Practice The Method

  • It’s all about baby steps and not taking on too much. My step-by-step 5 day kick start will get you practicing the declutter method with focus and give you the quick wins you need to stay motivated.

STEP 3: Apply The Method One Room At A Time

  • Follow a proven step-by-step system to work through each room quickly, and without making a bigger mess and see results right away without ever spending entire days dedicated to the task.
The Declutter Method - Drop Zone Before And After
The Declutter Method - Kitchen Before And After

You'll get instant access to the entire online program as soon as you enroll which means you'll be on your way to learning a new approach to declutter just minutes from now!

Imagine walking into your calm, uncluttered home at the end of the day and…

arranging pillows in family room
  • feeling less stress and having more mental clarity.
  • being able to relax.
  • saving the time and frustration that comes from looking for misplaced things.
  • being able to tidy up quickly.
  • finally being free of the past.

It's time to stop feeling stuck, and take back your space like these students…


“I wasn’t sure I’d make any real progress in decluttering my home, since this isn’t my first attempt at this, but I’m telling you Corey, I’ve never felt so good in my home! Finally with this course I’m able to stay on track with simple step-by-step tasks to follow in each area of my home.”

Barbara K.

Course: The Declutter Method


“It’s always been really difficult for me to remain focused when decluttering but this course provided simplicity and little by little direction and has enabled me to stay on track. The way each area is broken down has made it really easy to maintain my focus.”

Bonnie S.

Course: The Declutter Method

Inside The Declutter Method you'll get instant lifetime access to:

5+ Video Lessons

  • Learn my fail proof way to create a criteria for what to keep and what to let go of so you can make quick decisions without second guessing or guilt.
  • Learn a simple 5 step method to tackle any space without getting overwhelmed or making a bigger mess.
  • How to change your mindset about sentimental items and gain freedom.
  • A walk through of the 5 day kickstart to get you into action now!
  • How to apply The Declutter Method in any room of your home.

35 Step-By-Step Decluttering Tasks

  • Done for you decluttering plan so you’ll know exactly where to start, and what order to follow (it’s as easy as checking off one short task at a time.)
  • Printable checklists and cheat sheets.

My Favorite Resources And Tips

  • Get answers to big questions like: should I sell or donate?, where can I sell my stuff?, how can I let go of sentimental stuff?

Access To Our Private Community Of Action Takers

  • Ask questions
  • Share your progress
  • Get Accountability
  • Cheer each other on (right inside the private course area, no Facebook group required)

Following my step-by-step plan can lead to transformations like these…

The Declutter Method - Office Before And After
The Declutter Method - Linen Closet Before And After

Enroll now and take back your space!