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🙌🏼 Decorate your home in a way that reflects your personality...but you're uber-overwhelmed and have no idea where to start

🙌🏼 Create a space you LOVE spending time in...but you don't have the time or bandwidth to give your home a major overhaul

🙌🏼 Get a time-saving gameplan for choosing the perfect pieces for
your home... which means less time browsing aisles in Target
or scrolling Pinterest 'til your thumbs hurt

🙌🏼 Cut the analysis-paralysis and get clear on your personal style, so you can make confident decisions about your decor

🙌🏼 Start small with just ONE area of your home... then use that quick win as a launchpad or creating a functional + cohesive home you actually enjoy being in... on room at a time!

I'll show you how to make it happen in this free online class:

Learn my signature

3-step "Home Decor S.O.S." method

that works for ANYONE in ANY space,

Even if:

➡️ You feel like your decor is "all over the place"

➡️ You're so overwhelmed that you don't make any decisions at all

➡️ You waste time (and $$$) buying and returning decor

➡️ You can't figure out how to make your home feel like you!

At this brand new class you'll... 

🥳 Learn which of the 6 decorating dilemmas you're suffering from and what you need to cure it

😎 Learn how to reduce overwhelm and indecision by learning how to key in on one small area at a time

😊Learn an easy and effective step to ensure each space functions exactly the way you need it to. --bye-bye crazy chaos!

🤓See first hand my process for knowing which style, textures, colors, and patterns to use in your space and how to get clear so you can make quick decisions.

🤯 And I'm going to flip the script on how you've been decorating and share a completely different approach than anything you've ever heard before.

This is home decorating for real people! Effective. Simple. One-bite-at-a-time...

Because you absolutely can start loving the space you're in (and much sooner than you think)

Hi! I'm Corey: your new favorite decor coach and teacher

(Did we just become buds?!?)

I believe the way your home looks and feels has a HUGE impact on your life.

That's why I'm on a mission to show you how to create a home that feels amazing, even if decorating doesn't come naturally to you.

In this free online class, I've taken difficult decorating concepts and turned them into a crazy-simple, repeatable process that anyone can follow. (No big budgets or extreme home makeovers required.)

If your space has you feeling a little stir-crazy lately... you'll love what I've got in store for you.

Ready for a realistic plan to take your home from BLAH to 😍😍😍?

Then pour a glass of your favorite drink, put on your cozy pants and watch free video class now! Just let me know where to send the link below!


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Style Your Way Home 2.0 opens for enrollment on May 28, 2020!

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