Real Life Tricks to an Uber Functional Diaper Changing Station

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Imagine this. It’s the middle of the night. Your baby is crying and you discover he has poop up to the back of his neck, which would certainly make me cry too! The goal? Get him cleaned up and back to sleep asap!

Every mom and dad has been there. No fun. A bit stressful, (especially at the beginning.) And GROSS!

The little mister is now 19 months old and I have to say that his nursery has been way more functional than his big sister’s ever was. I guess I learned a thing or two for my second round and thought I’d share what has worked best for us in creating a stress free diaper changing station.  After all a nursery has to be more than adorable, it has function really well so that in those moments of chaos, (which happen to the best of us,) you have all of the tools you need at your finger tips.

how to create a functional diaper changing station

To start you need to think of everything that you could possibly need while your baby is getting changed and have everything with arms reach, since you never want to leave your sweet babe on the changing table and picking him or her up naked to try to go find something is not exactly convenient right?

This is the Uber Functional Diaper Changing Station in my little mister’s nursery. You can see that if I was standing here I could reach everything, no problem.

Let’s take a closer look at my 5 must haves for a diaper changing station.nursery organization ideas

1. Diapers and Wipes Within Reach

A bit of a no brainer, but very important. I like to have a basket right on the surface of the changing area with plenty of diapers and wipes for quick access. Clearly I’m going to need these things at every single diaper change so why put them anywhere else? I keep extra diapers in the closet and refill this fabric basket when it is running low.

nursery essentials2. A Dim Light for Night Time Changes

I didn’t have a dim light close by with my first kiddo, and let me tell you it is a must have! There is a night light, which works fine for simple changes, but remember the senario we started off with? Poop up to the back of the neck or checking for a temperature is going to require a bit more light and the last thing baby or you wants in the middle of the night is a bright light shining in their eyes. So this small desk lamp with a really dim bulb is perfect. It is just enough light for me to click on when I need it and it is at the babes feet so it doesn’t shine directly in their little face. Did I hear a “tanks mommy”?

3. Diaper Genie

I started off with a regular diaper pail with my first, and within a month couldn’t stand the smell anymore and went out and got ourselves a diaper genie.  I love this thing! You can load it up with quite a few diapers and won’t smell a thing. I put it right next to the dresser, open the lid with my foot and toss the diaper in without taking my other hand off the kid.

diaper genie for a nurseryIt holds enough diapers to only have to empty it once or twice a week, depending on the stage your baby is at. And did I mention the no smell part? The only thing worse than being the one who has to clean up the poop is having to smell it after you’re done!

diaper genie


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4. Swaddle Blankets and Burp Cloths

You are bound to go through lots of blankets and burp cloths in the beginning so they are another thing you will want to have right at your finger tips. There is nothing worse than getting baby all cozy and sleepy in their jammies only to realize that the swaddle blanket is all the way over in the closet. So be sure to reserve a spot for these. My favorite swaddle blankets are these Aden + Anais ones.  They swaddle really well.

how to set up a nursery

5. Creams, Tools, and a Toy

Last, but not least are all of the other little odds and ends that come with changing. Creams and sun lotion are the obvious things to have handy but you will also want to have something for your baby to play with. Keeping a little toy or rattle close by for when your baby becomes more active will save you from the frustration of a squirming babe (at least some of the time:))  If your baby likes a pacifier, keep an extra one right here too, for when the one in his mouth disappears. You can find it later when things are calm. Oh and a hidden pair of scissors to quickly snip tags off of new clothes is great too.

tips for a functional nursery


Here’s to hoping this helps make life easier for you!

stress free diaper changing station


Did I get everything? Is there something that you had close by that made your diaper changing station rock? Share your tips in the comments and don’t forget to pin before you go! 

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4 thoughts on “Real Life Tricks to an Uber Functional Diaper Changing Station

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  2. Great tips! The only thing I’d add to your station is an extra pair of pjs. If baby messes and it gets on the pajamas, it’s no fun having to plow through drawers full of clothes in the middle of the night.

    1. That is a great idea! I think that anything to make as little noise as possible is a great idea and the middle of the night messes are something that have to be planned for. Love this tip! Thanks Jelli.

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  5. I found it super helpful to put our changing pad on top of my daughters dresser and use the top drawer exclusively for diaper changing needs. We have diapers, wipes, first aid supplies, lotions… Pretty much everything we need while she’s up there. Our dresser is from ikea and we used the organizing bins they sell to keep it all neat and tidy. I’m a first time mom so I feel pretty good about my nursery organizing skills haha. I have photos on my blog if you’re interested: just search “nursery tour” 🙂

  6. Great tips! Your changing station looks a lot like mine. I also have a wipe-able mat I can put under the baby for diaper blowouts.

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