Meal planning and grocery shopping efficiently will change your life.

Gone are the days of trying to figure out what's for dinner at 6:30 pm and waiting in long drive through lines, only to get home with slightly soggy food that isn't great for you anyways. For the past 4+ years I've perfected a system to plan our meals and grocery shop efficiently and have saved our family tons of time and money. (Not to mention reduced those frustrating moments of being too hangry to think and saved inches off our waste lines.)

And now, I'm excited to share my system with you in my brand new quick win workshop, Systematic Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping!

Best meal planning tips

Do you know that...

  • the average American eats out 5+ times per week?
  • people spend an average of 40% of their monthly food budgets eating out?
  • the average cost of a restaurant meal can be up to 5x more expensive than cooking it at home?
  • those who cook at home consume less carbohydrates, sugar, and fat than those who eat out regularly?

I get it...

I've been talking to a lot of people lately just like myself with very busy afternoons and evenings and when the topic of dinner comes up I always hear how difficult it is to get a healthy meal on the table, and how often they resign to just grabbing food on the way home.

But they go on to say how they don't even like the food they're eating most of the time, that they know it's a total waste of money, and that it isn't fueling their bodies the way food should.

They just don't have the time.

I created this system for planning our meals and grocery shopping because that used to be me. But now, we only eat out as a planned event to treat ourselves or meet up with friends.


Well, then I'm so excited you're here!

What if you could…

Organize your meal ideas and recipes in a way that makes them easy to access?

Quickly plan out meals and make a grocery list that reduces waste?

Move through the grocery store quickly without ever having to backtrack?

In this workshop I'll guide you through my 3 step process to make planning meals and getting your groceries quick and easy.

Each step includes a quick video lesson to show you my exact process with examples, printable sheets so you can execute the step quickly, and a printable cheat sheet for quick reference of the steps to use week after week.

Step 1: Set Up For Success

I'll take you through the steps to get you organized and have a go-to spot for all of your meal ideas and recipes to make meal planning quick and easy.

  • Organize your go-to meals for quick reference.
  • Organize your recipes for quick use, even if they’re all over the place now.
  • INCLUDED: Printable sheets to organize meal ideas by category.

Organized Meal Ideas And Recipe Binder

Step 2: Plan Ahead

I'll give you an over the shoulder look at how I plan an entire week's worth of meals and share my favorite tips for ensuring that even on the busiest evenings you don't have to resort to eating out.

  • Plan meals with your busy schedule in mind.
  • INCLUDED: Printable weekly meal planning sheets.

Printable meal planning template

Step 3: Shop Efficiently

Learn my best trick for making a grocery list that reduces waste and over buying, and gets you through the store quickly.

  • Make an organized grocery list that ensures less waste and over-buying.
  • INCLUDED: Printable grocery list

How to organize digital recipes

Bonus Video:

How To Organize Your Digital Recipes For Quick Access

Imagine coming home at the end of a long day and…

  • knowing exactly what’s for dinner.
  • knowing you have the time to cook what you planned.
  • knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body.
  • and sitting down to eat together more often.

Still have a question?

How is the course material delivered?

Everything you need to learn my meal planning and grocery shopping system is online inside our private course area. Nothing will be mailed to you. Upon completing your purchase you'll create a user name and password to access the course area where all of the materials will be available to you 24/7.

How long do I have to complete the workshop?

You have lifetime access to the videos and printable sheets so you can plan your meals this way forever!

How long does the workshop take to complete?

The steps I share in the video lessons can be completed in about 30 min. and you'll be ready to print out your sheets and get planning right away.

What is the refund policy?

I want you to be thrilled with this new way of planning your meals and staying organized. If you aren't happy just contact me within 7 days of purchase and I'll give you a full refund. (If you're pre-ordering, the refund window will be 7 days from first access.)

Have another question? No problem. Contact us on this page and we'll get back to you promptly.

I can't wait to hear how this system changes the way you live for the better!