How to Hide Ugly Cords and Routers for Free!

I’ve said it before but I really believe that creating a space that is both pretty and functional is so important.

It hasn’t been as quick of a process as I had hoped, but I’m not giving up because since taking on my office overhaul I’ve been way more productive and feeling way spunkier when I sit down to work.

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel over here and I’ve promised myself that I’m not allowed to start in another room until it is completely done but the other week when I shared the last of the large projects and built a shelf to add to my existing file cabinet I got a bunch of emails asking me what was behind the polka-dot box!

That’s how I know you are my people because you notice fun little details like that and well the truth is, I had some ugly cords and routers that I needed to hide and I managed to come up with a solution that took less than 10 minutes and cost me absolutely nothing.

There was just no way that those ugly (but completely necessary) little gadgets were going to sit there like that and distract me.
how to hide ugly technology in the office

Here’s what I did to hide my ugly cords and router:

Step 1: I took a box that was tall enough to fit my router and things in and cut off the back side of it.

Step 2: I covered it in pretty wrapping paper that I had on hand on 3 sides making sure to make the edges really crisp.

Step 3: I folded more paper the exact size of the ends and looped tape to attach it to the exposed to hide ugly cords in the office

Step 4: Then I put the open side toward the back of the shelf and I slid all those ugly gadgets inside.

Now they are all tucked away out of sight, but they can still breath and are really easily accessible in case we need to hit reset or anything.

Ahhhh… so much better!how to hide your router

And from there it was just a matter of putting my necessary but much more pretty and creativity inducing things around it to make it blend in even to hide ugly cords in the office

I’m really glad you guys asked about this because these kinds of little things are what can really put the finishing touches in a room and make it exactly the way you want it to look and feel.

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3 thoughts on “How to Hide Ugly Cords and Routers for Free!

  1. Nancy says:

    I wondered about that, so I used a basket that had a lid, knocked out the bottom and sat it over the ugly stuff. Didn’t seem to limit our service at all.

  2. Great idea. Where are the cords ? Did you cut a hole in the back of your shelve So ?

    1. Leenie says:

      I’m not sure this will work for areas in the home where you’re limited to using a router with an antenna to pick up the best signal. I imagine this is for purchased routers and not the ones that come free with your internet services. But it is a neat idea.

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