Hand Painted House Numbers {Spring Decorating}

You know what my least favorite part of my house is? My front yard.

It is U.G.L.Y. and one day I plan to change that, but I haven’t won the lotto (yet.) So for now I have to give it a “budget spruce up” if you will.

I started last spring by painting the front door and the shutters a nice smoky shade of blue. They were a not quite maroon color before and it all just sort of melded together with the slightly peach color of my house and the rocks in the front yard. Did I mention it is ugly? It is. It has no color (until after this post) and it has no softness. But I plan to fix that with a little bit of spring decorating and thought I’d start with a unique house number idea to up my curb appeal.

So I whipped out my paints and hand painted house numbers on my new flower pot, which hides the electrical outlets quite nicely don’t you think?

diy house number signage

I had been looking for a tall planter to go in this spot for so long and I finally found an affordable one at IKEA! It is perfect for this space cause it is tall and narrow enough and hides my ugly outlets. And of course adding some plants and flowers brings it to life.

Then of course in full spring decorating mode, I had to add my own little touch with some Ombre Painted House Numbers.  This was such an easy little project and my little lady loved hanging out in the front yard and coloring rocks. I guess she thinks the house needs some color too 🙂

Here is what I did:

front door decorating ideas for spring

step 1: Draw or trace a border for your numbers. You want it to be about 1/2 inch thick depending on the size of your pot.

step 2: Tape your label onto a piece of contact paper and cut it out so that you are left with all 3 pieces in tact.

hand painted house numbers

step 3: Peel off the back part of the contact paper and stick your outer edge on first in the spot where you want your house numbers to go.

step 4: Now do the same for the inner portion so that you only see the outline.

step 5: Paint the border. I used Martha Stewart paint for indoor/outdoor use. This pot is in a covered area, so I don’t plan on it getting too wet anyway. I let the first coat of paint dry and then added a second coat. Then I carefully removed the contact paper while the paint was still wet and cleaned up any little mistakes.

unique house number ideas

step 6: Make a stencil for your house numbers. I hand drew my numbers and then made them block numbers to cut them out. Again, you want a reverse stencil, so that you see the pottery when it is placed.

step 7: Place your number stencil on the pot and paint.

To do this Ombre technique, where the colors blend from one to another, I just started by applying a little bit of my darkest color. Then without cleaning the brush all the way I added my next color and dabbed into my darker color until it was blended the way I wanted. I just worked my way up.

step 8: Carefully peel off the contact paper to reveal your painted house numbers!

simple front door decor for spring

And that is it! I love the pop of color that it gives and the flowers and plants have already added some softness to this space.

spring decorating front door ideas

Isn’t it such a simple little touch? It makes me happy every time I walk up to the door and it was just so easy!

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I hope you all are having a great week and have some fun plans for the weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Hand Painted House Numbers {Spring Decorating}

  1. Shelly says:

    I was initially searching for painted house numbers but your front door color caught my eye! Please do share the color?! I love the pot with painted numbers idea- it looks great!

  2. Tara says:

    What color is your front door? I absolutely love it! And the planter idea is genius!

  3. Corey,
    I’m loving this project! Stop by House on the Way tomorrow to see it featured at the Twirl & Take a Bow Party. Have a great week!

  4. Love the way you did the ombre on the numbers. That pot is perfect for the space too! I’m so sad we don’t have an Ikea in Vegas. So, so sad.

    1. Whaaaaaat! No IKEA in Vegas! That should be against the law. I’m so sad FOR you 🙁

  5. Love the ombre effect. Looks great on your front porch. You definitely have a cheery welcome at your front door!

  6. Melissa says:

    Very pretty and sorry to be a bit negative, but as a firefighter’s wife I hope you have some other house numbers that are more visible (especially at night) and in a more typical emergency workers would be looking for them.

    1. I absolutely do! The hubs is a police officer so we definitely do!

  7. Pam says:

    Love it!! I see some pretty jealous neighbors in my future. There’s nothing that says summer to me like a big pot of flowers on the front porch. Perfect Memorial Day Project. Thanks

  8. Kathleen says:

    What a great project and your house does not look ugly. Beautiful colored door and shiny hardware. I think it looks great!

  9. So fun how this turned out. Love the ombre technique, too!

  10. What a great project! This came out soo soo cute!

  11. This is such a lovely project! I can see myself doing that this year! Our front garden certainly needs a spruce up too.

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