Fairy Birthday Party! This Little Lady is 3!

My little lady loves fairies. She knows all of the Disney faries by name and the Tinkerbell movies are among the few that we let her watch (how novel of Disney to make some movies without any scary parts for once!)  So when her birthday was fast aproaching I asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate and she said that she wanted a fairy party! Actually she said, and I quote, “ummm I want a fairy birthday party. Not Tinkerbell necessarily.” Ha! What a goof! Challenge accepted! We decided to do a breakfast theme at 9 am to give all the little ones plenty of time to play before everyone would have to head home for naps. I love the way it turned out and believe it or not I was not up super early…most of the prep was easily done the day before! Here are the details of how we pulled off this adorable fairy birthday party!

Fairy birthday party ideas The Decorations!

I chose to focus on two main areas to decorate because, let’s face it, we are on a budget here! I thought that having big impact over the food and the main table were the best.
  • Tule: I bought it at Walmart for $1.25 a yard and used thumb tacks to hang it up. I started with the white but it sorta got lost so I added the pink. So go for the bold colors, they make a bigger impact!
  • Fiary Wings: I got these online for pretty cheap.
  • Grass Runner: I went to my local EasyTurf and they had scraps for .89 cents per square foot. When the guy realized I only needed a little bit and that it was for a little girl’s fairy party he gave it to me for free! SCORE!
  • Fake Flowers: Michaels or any other craft store always has these on sale. I cut them with wire cutters and poked them into the grass.Fairy birthday party ideas

fairy birthday party decorations

The Food!

They say we eat with our eyes first, so making the food a fun part of the decor is a no-brainer. I kept the menu simple but had things for both the littlest littles and the adults alike. Donut holes, Cheerios, mini quiche, sausage & pepper skewers, fruit, and yogurt.
Fairy birthday party ideas
Fairy birthday party ideas
I bought yogurt in those big containers and filled clear cups with it. Then I dusted each with rainbow sprinkle balls. Easy-peazy!
flower fruit cups for fairy birthday party

I found these flower cupcake liners at Michael’s (local craft store) and thought they would be a perfect way to add to the fairy/garden theme and punch up the color factor. So I put fruit in thicker cups that I found online and placed them in the flower ones. I used this clear 3 tiered cake stand to add some height, a trick I learned from my mom and a must for every buffet.

breakfast fairy birthday party

There were going to be plenty of adults at this party too and so I wanted to make sure there were some more filling options. These sausage and pepper skewers are so easy to prepare the day before. Simply cut sausage into small pieces (I used turkey kielbasa) as well as some bell peppers and skewer them onto large toothpicks (you will find these in the baking isle of your grocery store near the kitchen tools and regular BBQ kabob skewers.) Refrigerate until the party and pop them in the oven on a baking sheet at 350 for about 15 minutes! Yum-dum-delicious!

mini quiche at a fairy birthday party

These store bought mini quiche are another food item that adults love. And they are so easy. Just buy and bake! Ha! You can find them seasonally at Costco and Smart & Final carries them all year. But…plan ahead because they are often out of stock. Yes, they are that GOOD!

Fairy birthday party ideas

I filled old fashioned milk bottles with milk and placed a paper straw in each for the kids. Don’t worry the adults had the option of a mimosa…after all the party is for us big kids too right?

fairy wand cookies for party favors
I didn’t want the party favor to break the bank and with about 15 kiddos at the party even spending a few bucks on each would be an added cost. So this was a simple fix! Sugar cookie fairy wands. My Tiny Sidekick got to help make them which she loved and as a parent I appreciate when I don’t leave with a bag of small little toys or a ton of candy. I baked the cookies right onto these sticks that are normally used for cake pops and then covered them with favor bags both of which I found in the baking section at Michael’s (my local craft store.)My little lady had a blast and loved the decorations. I love making her birthday special and celebrating another year with her in our lives. What I loved most about this party is that I was able to do most of the work ahead of time and got to actually enjoy the party! A win-win! So what do you think? Will you be able to use any of these ideas at a party for your Tiny Sidekick?

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