Easy Painted Wooden Gift Tags + dozens more 15 min. crafts!

Hello from Salt Lake City!  I’m here for a fun weekend surrounded by 500 other talented bloggers learning, creating, and celebrating the friendships we’ve made because of blogging! And to celebrate with you, I teamed up with Abbey from The Cards We Drew and a large group of bloggers to create Crafts in a SNAP {15 Minute Craft Ideas} so that ANYONE, whether beginner or seasoned pro, can learn to create fun and handmade items in no time at all! Check out my tutorial for easy painted wood gift tags here, then scroll down below and be sure to check out some of what my blogging friends have to offer!! Have fun and get creative!

Crafts in a SNAP 15 Minute Craft Ideas

Easy Painted Wooden Gift Tags

I have a definite love of pretty packaging, so I like dreaming up easy ways to make the gifts that I give a little extra special.  But since I’m a total last minute shopper, I usually am  running around like a crazy person just before the party trying to get it wrapped.  So I recently made a batch of these painted wood gift tags to have on hand for that extra special touch that I love so much.  You can do these in no time at all and probably have all of the supplies for getting these same patterns laying around your house.

painted wood gift tags

I picked up these pre made wooden tags at Michaels.  After that you’ll need a small paint brush and craft paint.  The colors are up to you.diy painted gift tags

You will probably want to give the wooden gift tags a light sanding and then you are ready to give each one a design.

On this first one I kept it super simple.  I simply taped off a portion of the tag and painted it a bright pink.  I let it dry for a few minutes between coats then peeled off the tape while it was still wet.diy gift tags

For my next one I took a que from the triangle trend that seems to be everywhere.  (Hello workout pants that people wear as pants!)  I cut a small piece of a wine cork off with a sharp knife and then cut it again to create a small triangle stamp.cork stamped gift tags

I dipped one end of the cork stamp in paint and dabbed it on my plate so that I didn’t have too much paint when I stamped it on my tag.  I started in the middle and worked my way out flipping the direction of the triangle each time.  Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, it isn’t supposed to be.cork stamped wooden gift tags

For this one I used the edge of a cracker box as a stamp to make lines going in each direction.  The lighter the paint the more times you will need to go over it.easy diy gift tags

On the last one I did a color block with a scalloped edge.  (Sorry I don’t have pics.  This was the day my camera lens broke. 🙁  )  Anyway I first made a block of color much like I did in the first one with painters tape and then I used my paint brush to make small half circles just above the line to create a scallop.diy wooden gift tags

And that is it my friends!  Now I have some cute tags on hand that will dress up any gift!
Now it’s time to see what the other crafty bloggers that are with me at SNAP are whipping up in no time at all.  Click the links below to browse around!
See you soon!

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