Easy DIY Personalized Mother’s Day Gift {important dates}

Have you seen these cool Important Dates Prints  all over Pinterest? They make a great personalized wedding or baby gift because they usually have the couple’s wedding date plus the baby’s birthday. I thought I could change it up a bit and make a really special Personalized Mother’s Day gift for my mom that included our whole family.
Important Dates Print DIY Mother's Day Gift
I used the fabulously photo editing site, PicMonkey and had it printed at Costco for only 3 bucks! How awesome is that?
PicMonkey has a ton of options with the free version that will absolutely work for this tutorial, but the paid subscription (which is only a few bucks a month) will give you even more options to fab up your photos and make wall art! You can check it out {here.}

 I chose to use the dates of when my parents first started dating (41 years ago, when my mom was only 14…awwww…) and their wedding date. Then I included my brother’s and my birthdays, our spouse’s birthdays, and our kid’s birthdays in the format of a family tree as shown below.

How to Make Important Dates Wall Art

1. Go to www.picmonkey.com and click on “Create a Collage.”

2. Click the x’s in the 2 smaller boxes to get rid of them. You will be left with one large square.

3. On the left (in the toolbar) select “swatches.” This is where you will select the background for your masterpiece. I chose “winterland” from the dropdown menu at the top and then selected my chevron background. Simply drag and drop the swatch of your choice onto your collage.

Tip: Be sure to choose a background that isn’t too crazy because you will be putting numbers or words over it and you want them to stand out. If none of the overlays you see on PicMonkey strike your fancy you can find tons of free overlays online like this site {here}  You will have to save one to your computer and then select “Use your own” when selecting an overlay.

4. Click “Save” and another window will open asking how you want to save it. Name it, and choose a format (.jpg or .png are accepted by most places that you would have it printed.) When you click save here another window will open for you to choose a location on your computer.

5. Once it is saved you will close it by clicking the “X” in the top right corner and it will take you back to this screen. This time click “Edit a Photo.”

6. A window will open for you to select a photo. Find the collage that we just created and open it.

7. On the left side of your screen you will see your tools. On the far left make sure that the top symbol is selected and then select “resize” from the list.

8. Type in the following sizes according to what the size you want your final print to be. (Note: These are for portrait orientation. For landscape orientation, switch the order of the numbers.)

For an 11x 14 use 2200 x 2800

 8 x 10 use 1440 x 1800
5 x 7 use  900 x 1260

You will see your picture change shape as you enter the numbers. Be sure that it is the orientation that you want. If it isn’t, change the order of the numbers.

9. Click “apply” to set it.

You are now ready to add text!

10. Go back to the tools on the left and this time select the big letter “P.” A list of different fonts will show up. Select the font you would like to use for your dates and click “add text” at the top. Then a text box will appear on your picture and you can start typing.

It is easiest to do each line of text as a separate text box because you will be able to drag them around to get the proper placement at the end.

You can change the size, and color with the box that opened up on the right. It may take a few tries to get the look you want so just play around with it a bit.
(I used quicksand font in the size 200 for the biggest numbers on mine, just to give you an idea. And I was making an 11 x 14)

For each row of text go back to the tools on the left and hit add text (you can change the font style too if you want.)  Keep doing this until all the dates are on the page. Don’t worry about exact placement yet. Each text box can be dragged around at any time. Also if you don’t get the right font size on the first attempt just highlight the text and change the font. (Here is mine with all of the text before I arranged it. It is best to get it all on there and then get the spacing and sizing just how you want it.)

I also waited until the very end to change the color. When you do this, each color is assigned a number/letter combo. The easiest way to get them to match is to decide on a color and then highlight the text in each text box and type in the combo for each.

I chose a dark grey for my text and arranged it like this!

This was so easy and such a cool personalized gift that I know my mom is going to love! The possibilities for this are endless! Can’t wait to make one for myself! Feel free to email me or comment with any questions!

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