This training is perfect for you if…

👉🏼 you've ever chosen the wrong paint color for your walls

👉🏼 you suffer from color indecision

👉🏼 you're afraid to add color or you love lots of colors but want to create a cohesive look

👉🏼 there are colors in your home can't change and have to work with

In this free video class you'll learn…

  • the trick to choosing the right color every time (even from tiny paint chips!)
  • how to create a color palette for your home (which colors?, how many colors?)
  • my go-to color formula for using color in any room.
Free Color Class - Choose Colors For Your Home

Can I watch the video class right away?

YES! This is a pre-recorded video class that you'll get INSTANT access to. You can start learning the simple steps to getting color right in your home right now!

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Hi! I'm Corey. Your new favorite decor coach and teacher.

Corey - Hey There Home Blog

(Did we just become buds?!?)

I believe the way your home looks and feels has a HUGE impact on your life.

That's why I'm on a mission to show you how to create a home that feels amazing, even if decorating doesn't come naturally to you.

In this free video class, I'll pull back the curtain on the ONE THING you need to know to get color right in your home, and walk you through the steps for creating your own color palette.

Plus I'll show you how to apply it in any room of your home.

If using color in your home has you stuck, you'll love what this class has for you.

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