Chevron Painted Cork Board Tiles {Pinterest Challenge Week One}

 Do you have a command center in your house? You know that spot (maybe near the phone, if you even still have one of those) where all of the mail gets stacked up and you to do and to buy list sits. Mine is typically a total wreck. I put of going through the mail till I can’t ignore it anymore, but I’m on a mission to change that and get a bit more organized. I pinned some painted cork board tiles a reeeeeealy long time ago and had every intention of doing that project, so now that I’ve taken on the Pinterest Challenge, I thought now would be the perfect time! Now I have a great spot to display all those cute birth announcements and save the dates! And I can pin handy items up like the lil’ lady’s preschool agenda.

Painted Cork Board Tiles

 And because I like to add a bit of lovely to every day stuff, painting these cork board tiles was a perfect idea.

This is the original pin that inspired this project.

Painted Cork Board Tiles

{source: The Happy Home Blog}

This project was really easy. All you will need are a few cork board tiles (which you can find at Target or JoAnns,) some craft paint, a paint brush, and painters tape or a pencil to mark off you design.

Painted Cork Board Tiles

For mine I did a chevron pattern, so I made a template with a piece of cardboard and traced the chevron lines onto my cork board with a pencil. Then I painted in the lines with my paint brush. I started the colored lines at different points on each one so that they didn’t match up at the seam, but that is your preference.

Once they were dry, I hung them with the peel and stick system that came with them and pinned up some cute faces and the save the date to my cousin’s wedding designed by yours truly!

Painted Cork Board Tiles

This is just week one of six in the Pinterest Challenge and I want you to join in! You can see all of the projects I plan to do in this post.

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Hope I’ve inspired you to not just pin, but try!


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7 thoughts on “Chevron Painted Cork Board Tiles {Pinterest Challenge Week One}

  1. So… we got rid of our house phone a year or so ago, but when we are referring to the spot in the kitchen where we drop mail and all that we still call it “by the phone.” Haha… Anyway – I’ve mentioned before what a great series this is, and it really is. Love your spin on the original idea!

  2. Love how your first challenge turned out!

  3. Oh! I’ve got a big cork board that these chevron stripes would look great on! Maybe for my poor neglected boys’ rooms. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love how its turned out! Really fun spin off from your inspiration pin. The pop of color would make me notice all the to-do notes id have tacked to it.

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