for DIY Built-Ins with a Bench Seat


  • printable step-by-step instructions based on your space in PDF format
  • printable measurements worksheet to plan your project
  • cut list based on your measurements
  • tips and illustrations for each step

Save a ton of time and frustration in taking on this project and print out the step-by-step to walk you through every detail!

As soon as your purchase is complete you'll be able to print out your measurements worksheet and get started on your built-ins!

  • The measurements worksheet will walk you through the steps to plan out your built-ins based on your specific space.
  • From there, you'll create a cut list and know exactly what to buy, and what cuts to make (you can even have the big cuts done at the hardware store!)
  • Once you have all of your supplies follow the instructions you've printed out one step at a time and create your own custom built-ins!