Easy Bunting Birthday Cake Topper

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! It was one crazy weekend in this house with the hubs birthday Saturday and Mother’s day and my sister-in-laws birthday on Sunday. Both days we had family coming over to celebrate and I had every intention of being totally on top of things, but…well…you know how it is. No matter how prepared you are, you end up rushing to get the finishing touches done as your guests are literally walking in the front door. I made these amazing {Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars} the day before but as I was cutting them and placing them on the serving plate I had these visions of those cute garland cake toppers that I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest. My husband just had to have one on his birthday dessert and so with only minutes until I had to be completely ready for guests to arrive I found myself mustering one up. Pinterest made me do it!

5 minute paper birthday cake bunting

This took me all of about 5 minutes and the hubs, thinking I’m totally nuts-0 for trying to fit it in, enjoyed the extra little effort to make it special. Here’s what I did…super simple and quick.

cake topper suppliesGather up some scrapbook paper or construction paper, thread or thin string, 2 kabob skewers (cut them if needed,) a pencil, scissors, and some scotch tape. Don’t be afraid to improvise here with whatever you have on hand.

Make the numbers:

number birthday cake topper

I don’t own one of those fancy machines so here is how I do it “old school.” Very high tech…so pay attention..hahaha.

  • Write your number the size that you want it. (mine was about 2 inches tall)
  • Use the number as a guide to make it block letter style.
  • Cut it out.
  • Then because I can’t draw a nice looking backward 3 I traced it onto my printed paper and then cut it out.
    • For my next number (8) I did these steps directly on the back of the printed paper because an 8 looks the same back to front.
  • Cut some triangles in different colors and patterns to place on either side of the number.

Assemble the Cake Topper:

easy modern cake topper
The length of your string will depend on the size of your dessert and the look you are going for.
  • Cut your string and decide the placement of your numbers.
  • Use a tiny piece of scotch tape to attach the numbers to the string. (if your tape goes over the edge of the number don’t worry. It is super simple to trim off with the scissors.)
  • Place the triangles (flags) on either side of the number and attach with scotch tape.
  • Tie each end of string to the kabob skewers and trim if needed.
Poke the skewers into your dessert of choice and get ready to sing Happy Birthday! Who says you have to have a cake anyway? The hubs loves cheesecake…so a cheesecake he shall get!
5 minute paper birthday cake bunting
Just goes to show that although Pinterest is at time total overload for a creative person like me, and actually keeps me up too late, too often, all those wonderful ideas pay off in a pinch! Be sure to check out the recipe for these caramel apple cheesecake bars. You can find the link up top or {here} on my Pinterest Board.
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