Alphabet Necklace {Preschool Activity}

 Alphabet Preschool Activity~Hey everybody! Hope you are enjoying summertime! My little lady and I spent some time this weekend doing this really fun activity to practice the alphabet. She loves a good craft and I love mingling some learning in with it. This alphabet straw necklace was perfect practice for letter recognition and putting the letters in order.
This is a super simple activity to prep. You will need:
  •  Straws (I got these extra large smoothie straws at the dollar store.)
  • A dark colored Sharpie
  • Some sort of string. (I picked this fashion beading string up at the craft store. I like it because it is ridged enough for a 3 year old to send through each piece of straw without difficulty.)
  • Cut the straws into about 1 inch pieces. (I made 26 pieces because I wanted to do the Alphabet. You could easily do this activity with numbers, or to practice spelling words, so you will just need to cut the required number of pieces for what you want to practice.)
  • Write the letters on each piece. (I made sure not to put the colors in any specific order because I didn’t want to create a pattern.)
  • Cut an extra little piece of a straw and tie one end of the string around it so that when your kiddo slides the “beads” on they don’t fall off of the end.

Then let your kiddo add the straw “beads” in order!

This is great practice for fine motor skills too! Look how focused she is!
What I loved about this activity, (but didn’t necessarily anticipate,) was that between each “bead,” she ended up reciting the alphabet to figure out which letter she needed next. It was great practice! I also realized that although she sings the alphabet song (a little too often) she really needed practice seeing each letter and having to put them in order. She had a bit of trouble with “L, M, N, O, P.” Like most kids, she sings them all jumbled up in the song so we practiced saying each letter and looking at it to get the idea that LMNOP is not one letter, but actually 5 letters! Hahaha!
In the end she had a new necklace to wear and marched over to her baby doll and said “do you like my new accessory? It is the alphabet!” What a nut!

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2 thoughts on “Alphabet Necklace {Preschool Activity}

  1. I love this alphabet activity! I can see my daughter and I having fun doing this. I’m going to pin this now for the next time I need a fun activity to do! Thanks so much for linking this up to Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

  2. What a fun idea! I’m really wanting to get going on teaching my 3 year old the alphabet inside and out. She’s pretty good at it already, but I would love for her to KNOW it. This seems like a really fun way to help do that! Thanks for the post.

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