12 Stylish Storage Solutions

Whether you have kids or not, I’m sure you have a lot of little things that tend to pile up with no place to go.
For me, organizing my kid’s things is a never ending process in my living room, but I’ve found that if I can store the things that they use all of the time in a stylish way, I’m able to regain my adult space quickly after they go to bed.
I’m pretty much always on the hunt for ways to hide things we use all the time in plain sight and these 12 stylish storage solutions are perfect for that! Not only will they give your things a home, but they can add style, pattern, texture, and organization to your space.
12 stylish storage solutions and where to buy them!

Fabric baskets and bins are probably my favorite thing when it comes to where to put my kid’s toys because you can usually find them big enough to fit the medium sized toys like cars and trucks. They look great sitting out too cause they come in so many fun patterns and colors! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure.

fabric baskets-1
Another favorite are medium sized baskets. I’m loving all of the different materials that I’ve seen these come in and they are perfect for pretty things like throws, or kid’s things like balls.wire baskets 1
I have a few woven baskets up on the shelves in my living room. I love them because you can’t see what is inside and they add a ton of texture and a natural element to a space. Mine look very decorative and clean, but inside is all of my lil’ lady’s coloring supplies. It is perfect because they are up out of reach, so she has to ask to use them.woven basketsChunky Woven Basket  ||  Modern Weave Oversized Basket
I love lidded boxes for small things that end up laying out. I like to keep some paperclips and stamps in one of these near where the mail always tends to pile up so that I can take care of it faster and keep the pile to a minimum.lidded boxes-1Sketched Arrows Lidded Box  ||  Grey and White Lidded Box
Speaking of mail, paper trays have become my friend for quickly sorting mail. And that gold pyramid mirrored box?
Well, shoot! It is just plain pretty and would be a great place to display some jewlery on my night stand.uniquePyramid Mirrored Box  ||  Mint and Wood Paper Trays
I’ve been working on styling my shelves, but I don’t like to buy a ton of things that don’t serve a purpose. Some of these stylish storage solutions will not only look good on my shelves, but serve a purpose and add to the function of the space too!
What are your tricks for hiding clutter in plain sight?

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4 thoughts on “12 Stylish Storage Solutions

  1. Thanks for sharing at the TidyMom linky party! I’m always looking for new storage ideas.. these are fantastic! 🙂 Enjoy your week!

  2. Great roundup! This is the time of year when I go crazy stocking up on baskets. Land of Nod has such great stuff (even for adults!).

  3. Elic says:

    great ideas! Love the pyramid, I can see it also as a display box. My roomie loves Egyptian stuff and something of her collection in one would be totally fab!

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