Top Posts of 2014 – some were a complete surprise!

Happy New Year!  Since 2015 is probably going to fly by just as fast as 2014 I thought we should take a quick pause and take a look back at the best of 2014.  There were quite a few really popular posts!  Did you miss anything? I sure hope not!

It is a funny thing.  Sometimes I have an idea that I think is going to get a ton of people’s interest and other times I post something that I’m not so sure about and it gets really popular.  So I guess I’ll just keep posing things I love and the people can decide right?

Oh and when you are done checking out the posts here, you can head over to some of my cyber friends blogs to see what their most popular posts were!  So much fun to have the best of the best all in one spot. (You’ll find the links at the bottom of this post.)

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Top 5 most viewed posts of 2014:

There is no easier way to spruce up a room than with some fun fabrics and you guys are going crazy over this list of my top 5 places to buy fabric.  I’ve been testing out some new sources too, so keep your eyes peeled for another source list soon!

best places to buy fabric online

This was one project that I had done for months before it ever made it on the blog.  But I’m so glad I posted it because there are certainly a lot of people who want to make their own duvet covers!
How to Make a Duvet Cover

In the summer I took on our back patio and made it into a really awesome place for my family to hang out.  Part of what makes it so great is that it feels a lot like an indoor room thanks to these drop cloth curtains.  And one reader called the diy curtain rod that goes with it “ingenious.”  -Hey, I’ll take it!
inexpensive outdoor curtains

If I had to pick one post that I’m most proud of it would be this one on how to choose the perfect shade of greige paint.  I’ve made my share of paint mistakes and it is really fun to help all of you not make the same mistakes. I’ve loved hearing how great this simple explanation is and how much it has helped you guys. It really forced me to dig into my brain and put down in words the process that I go through when deciding on paint colors. How to Choose the Perfect Greige Paint via

Ok.  I might have lied.  Maybe this is the post I’m most proud of.  Can I have 2?  Well this is definitely the DIY project that I’m most proud of.  These floating shelves were a really fun project for the hubs and I to tackle and they not only helped define the family room in our very open concept home, but they added some much needed texture and a fun spot to fiddle with my evolving shelf styling education.DIY Rustic Modern Floating Shelves


The post with the most pins in 2014:

I’ve loved hearing from so many of you about how you’re no longer a zipper virgin!!!  Take it from the dozens of people who have followed this zipper tutorial and don’t be afraid of installing a zipper any longer!zippered pillow cover tutorial for beginners


The post that was shared the most on Facebook:

This is one of those posts that almost didn’t make it on the blog.  I’ve never been a fan of grocery shopping and have used this type of meal planning and grocery list for a really long time to get me in and out of the store quickly.  Apparently, I’m not the only one who craves this sort of efficiency cause this grocery list printable has been printed thousands of times!

free printable grocery list


My favorite projects of 2014:

This year we finally finished our dining room and it has already helped us make a ton of memories with friends and family gathering around the table to share a meal, a laugh, and usually a cocktail.  Yes this room took for.ever. but the result is that I love every single piece and there is so much meaning behind some of the pieces in this room.

Like my grandmother’s cabinet (where she kept her pants.)  Now it is a beautiful and chic bar cabinet that is getting a ton of use and is the showstopper in our dining room.

modern bar cabinet

Almost everything in my dining room is some sort of project and they are all listed in the final reveal.dining room reveal

Toward the end of the year I started becoming really aware of how I spent my time so that I am able to be completely in the moment when it comes to being with my family.  One of the ways I’m sticking to my plan is with this easy printable.  I can see our week at a glance and set 3 weekly goals for myself.  Way more doable than a huge to-do list!weekly to do list printable

I guess I’ve been busy this year and looking at my editorial calendar for this year, it looks to be shaping up to be another fabulous year with lots of ideas that I can’t wait to share with you!

Thanks for being awesome and joining me in my quest to make home our favorite place to be!  You guys rock!!!  Cheers to 2015!


Now it’s time to click on over to some of my favorite blog buddies to see what their most popular posts were!  So many great ideas ahead!!!

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  2. I’ve loved following along with all of your posts ever since I started blogging! You are such an inspiration 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2015!

    1. Thank you so much Erica!

  3. What a great year, Corey!! I’ve loved following along this year and look forward to seeing what you have to share in 2015!

  4. These are all so great Corey!! What an awesome year for you 🙂

  5. I loved seeing the best post from last year and being able to take a closer look at them especially the grocery list. Have a fabulous 2015 and I will stop by again soon to see what is new.

  6. So many great posts! I totally just referenced your top places to buy fabric online a few days ago when I was doing some shopping. Congrats on a great 2014, Corey!

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