Fall Scarecrow- Toilet Paper Roll Kid Craft

I’m well aware that the blogging world has already moved on to Christmas, but in real life it is still fall.  In fact where I live the weather just started requiring pants just a few weeks ago so I’ve been finding ways to celebrate the “seasons” with my kiddos.

It has been a really long time since I’ve posted a kid craft and with just a few weeks left before Christmas I thought I may not be the only one wanting to savor every moment of fall and throw in a fun afternoon activity for you to do with the little ones in your life.  They are going to love this Fall Scarecrow Craft and since it is a toilet paper roll kid craft, chances are you have everything you need on hand.

toilet paper roll crafts for kids

A few of you commented on this when you saw this cute little guy sitting on my shelf during my fall home tour.  I love mixing in a few things that my kids have made and my 4 year old thinks it is pretty darn fantastic that her art is “on display.”  When I asked her if she wanted to make one for her grandma this year she was thrilled and I took it as a opportunity to show you how easy it is.

Fall toddler craft

The supplies are very basic.  You’ll need some construction paper in fall colors plus blue or black for the pants, a toilet paper roll, a cupcake liner, some googly eyes, markers, glue, and scissors.

toilet paper roll crafts

 Set up: Depending on the age of your little one you may want to prepare all of the pieces of the toilet paper roll scarecrow beforehand.

You’ll need a band of color for the shirt and two thin strips that will act as the arms (red), another slightly thicker band for the pants plus two strips to act as the legs (black or blue), a square of yellow for the hair, small cut outs for the shoes and hands, and one for the nose.

toilet paper roll scarecrow

For the hair I cut small strips without going all the way through the square and then wrinkled it by scrunching it in my hand to create some crazy hay hair.

For the arms and legs I folded the strips back and forth accordian style.

All set!  This is a kid craft, so call your little one over!

My little lady started by wrapping the shirt on first, leaving a bit of toilet paper roll at the top for the face. Then the pants went on next overlapping the shirt if necessary to line up the bottom edge of the toilet paper roll and the edge of the pants at the bottom.

toilet paper roll craft ideas

With a dot of glue at the end of a leg strip, I helped her attach the legs on the inside of the bottom of the toilet paper roll.  Then one more dot of glue to attach the shoes.

Same idea for attaching the arms.
scarecrow fall craft for kids

The hair is definitely her favorite part.  She put a line of glue along the edge and then attached it to the top edge of the head area.  You may need to help with the placement so that the hair is on the back (in relation to where the arms are.)scarecrow toddler craft

She drew on some buttons and a stitched mouth and then for her favorite thing…googly eyes!fall craft ideas for preschoolersShe decorated the cupcake liner with markers and then we added a small line of glue on two sides and sort of pinched it on top so that it attached in the front and on the back.

kid craft toilet paper roll scarecrowThe only thing to do now is let it dry and find a cute spot for your new scarecrow!  Or send it to grandma, I’m sure she’d get a kick out of it!

If you are hosting Thanksgiving and there are lots of little ones, this would be a perfect little activity to have ready for them!

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  1. This is so adorable! Can’t wait to make one with my 5 year old!

  2. Very cute! We are still creating Thanksgiving crafts here too! It is a busy, but fun time of year!

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