String Art Inspired Painted Tea Towels {and 6 more Easter Ideas}

 It is officially Spring!  Hopefully it feels like Spring where you live.  Here in So-Cal I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit jipped cause we didn’t even get much of a “winter.”  I see you rolling your eyes at me right now thinking “uh, paradise problems…” but seriously, I long for some cozy days.  I want to wear my boots too!

Ok, so hopefully you are done rolling your eyes at me and are ready for what I have in store for you today.  Not just one project idea, but 7 Creative Easter Ideas!  That is right!  After I show you my String Art Inspired Painted Tea Towels, which were really easy by the way, I have some amazing bloggy friends that are showing off their projects too!  So be sure to visit each link at the end of this post to go check out some more ideas!
String Art Inspired Tea Towels

 What do you think of these Painted Tea Towels?  Pretty cool huh?

Every time a holiday rolls around, I have a bit of a dilemma.  I guess you could say I’m not one to go all out decorating for every holiday partly because I don’t like to spend money on things that are only out for a month, and partly because my style tends to be a bit more modern than cutesy .  So I’ve started to make my own decorations so that I can give them a bit of a modern twist.

String Art Inspired Tea Towels

And so I whipped up some of these Painted Tea Towels that definitely have a modern vibe.  I love the look of string art and thought, why not mimic the look of string art with my (really fancy) painting technique. That was a total joke, wait till you see what I mean by “fancy.”

String Art Inspired Painted Tea Towels

For this project you will need:

  • White tea towels or flour sacks (I accidently bought really large ones, so I ended up cutting one in half to make 2 towels.) Try to get ones that are smooth.
  • Craft paint that works on fabric or a fabric medium to add to some craft paint.
  • A small piece of contact paper.
  • An xacto knife.
  • Scissors
  • Thin pieces of cardboard. (Cereal boxes work perfect or the back of the pads of paper that realtors leave at your door.)
  • A mechanical pencil or something with a tip that small.

String Art Inspired Tea Towels

 Step 1: Make your template: Draw an egg the size you want it to be on a piece of paper and tape it to the non sticky side of your contact paper.  Then cut it out using your xacto knife.  Once you have your cut out, peel off the back of your contact paper and stick the stencil to your tea towel where you want your egg to be. Press down on the edges really well.

String Art Inspired Tea Towels

 Now for the really “fancy” painting technique.  You may have seen me use this technique before when I painted chevron stripes.

Step 2: Create “strings” with paint. (Mix your paint with a fabric medium if necessary) and put a thin puddle of paint onto a paper plate.  Then take the edge of a thin piece of cardboard and dip it into the paint. (Your cardboard needs to be wide enough to fit across your egg shape.) Now, use the edge of the card board like you would a stamp and start stamping in all different directions.

String Art Inspired Tea Towels

Step 3: Paint a border: When you have enough “strings” you will need to finish it off with a border.  I dipped the tip of my mechanical pencil (without led) into the paint and pretty much drew the paint on around the edge of the stencil.  When you are done, peel off the contact paper.

To add the grass I just stamped green paint using short pieces of cardboard.

String Art Inspired Tea Towels

And that my friends is all there is too it!  Be sure to read the directions on your paint.  Some fabric paints need to be set with heat.

I really dig the modern twist on cutesy that I have going on here don’t you?

Alrighty…ready for more fun Easter and Spring ideas? Let me turn it over to my bloggy friends!  See how talented they are?

DIY Easter Decorations

1) Cadbury Mini Egg Easter Sundae by Whistle and Ivy
2) Tangram Bunny Art by Persia Lou
3) Fall Wreath Transformed for Spring by Homemade Ginger
4) String Art Inspired Painted Tea Towels by Tiny Sidekick (you are here 🙂
5) Baker’s Twine Carrot by Keeping it Simple
6) Cross-Stitch Bunny Canvas by Cutesy Crafts
7) Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs by Cook and Craft Me Crazy

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