So you want to start a blog… + a giveaway to get you started!

About 2 years ago I pushed publish on my first post not knowing I was about to start something that would become what it is today. Of course it feels good to be able to contribute financially to my family, but for me this blog is so much more than that.

When I was a little girl I would start little mini business.  Some were completely fake (like the restaurant I had set up in our front living room) and some were actually legit little businesses that made me and my neighborhood friends money (like the can collecting business we had where we would collect people’s cans and then turn them in for money.  This was before the special container for recycled goods that the trash companies now provide.) As long as I can remember I’ve been the type of person who loves to think up new ideas and bring them to life.

Obviously this blog fills that need for creativity where I have a home decor idea, and I have to figure out how to create it or have ways of creating and bringing a space together that I get to teach my readers, but that is just half of the exciting part.

This blog has turned into a business!  So on top of the creativity that involves paint, building, decorating, and creating, behind the scenes I’m running a small business where I get to create systems, connect with brands and other creative people, and manage (my least favorite thing) technology. And do all of it by gathering resources to learn as I go.

Google has become my best friend.  I really can as him her anything and she seems to guide me to the right answer…eventually.  Sometimes after a really long winded list of misinformation.  I took the long route when starting, because there wasn’t an affordable resource to walk me through each step of starting my blog and eventually turning it to something that made money. But now there is, and oh how I wish it was around 2 years ago.

My friend Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog, launched her e-book Building A Framework one year ago and just the other day relaunched an even better version that will literally hold your hand through every. single. step of starting a blog and how to grow it into something that could potentially earn you some income.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog this is going to be a life saver and get you going right out of the gate!

Building A Framework

In the e-book Abby walks you through ever step of the (potentially scary part) of setting up the technology to get your blog up and running.  And then once you are there, she shares so much knowledge about how to create a community of readers who not only come back for more, but share your content.

The e-book is just the beginning though.  She also offers packages that include video tutorials to show you just how it all happens.  Everything from editing photos, to scheduling social media shares, to her posting routine.  It’s all there!  In her largest package she even includes interviews with expert bloggers who share their secrets to success in various parts of blogging like, photography, viral content, and creating a community.  You’ll even see this girl sharing some time management tips!

To really check out everything you could ever want to know about Building A Framework head over to Abby’s landing page and check it out!

But before you go, one lucky winner is going to receive the master package of Building a Framework that includes the e-book, video tutorials, and expert blogger interview videos!

Giveaway open to anyone 18 years or older.  Ends June 18, 2015 at 12:00 am Pacific Time.

But don’t wait to see if you’ve won before grabbing your favorite package of Building a Framework .  If your the lucky winner, Abby will refund your payment.  I’d hate for any of you to miss out on these introductory prices.

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A big THANK YOU to Abby for providing the Master Package for this giveaway and for creating an awesome resource for bloggers! This post contains affiliate links.  See my full disclosure here.

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7 thoughts on “So you want to start a blog… + a giveaway to get you started!

  1. Christine says:

    So sad! I was one day too late to enter in your contest. I’m definitely going to check out her book! Thanks for sharing!

    1. 🙁 Sorry Christine. It is pretty awesome though and worth checking out.

  2. Debbie Marks says:

    I have a business page on face book I just started in May. Would love to learn to blog.
    Go free with Debbie Marks.

  3. Ooh, tempting! I have just started at a new blog home about living simply (it’s a delicate tightrope walk between that and my other love of crafts and DIY!) and would love to build traffic for it.

  4. Irene says:

    Hello Corey, I followed all the steps but the message “You have 0 entries” is still there. Do you know why? Thanks a lot, Irene

    1. Hi Irene. I’m not sure. But I just went into the system and I show that you entered, so you should be fine. Thanks for playing!

    2. Irene says:

      Thank you Corey! 🙂

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