Old Cabinet Turned Industrial Liquor Cabinet

There are a few reasons why I’m so excited that this project is done.  First, it freed up some room in my garage. Second, I love the way it turned out.  And third, this cabinet belonged to my grandmother who passed away in February and she was one of my biggest fans and loved to reinvent and redecorate, so I know she would be proud.

You probably don’t remember when I originally set out to revamp my dining room.  It has taken me forever to get this room done, mostly because I didn’t have a definite vision for it.  This industrial liquor cabinet changed that!  Once I took on this cabinet, I got the motivation to finish the dining room once and for all. We just got the chandelier hung properly today, so I’ll get some pics up soon, but today I’m going to show you how I turned this sad cabinet into the most magnificent bar cabinet with gold and copper details.
industrial modern liquor cabinet

Ain’t it pretty?  This was my first attempt at spraying a piece of furniture and I think I’m already addicted to the HomeRight Finish Max that made it so simple and gave it a really professional finish.  Let’s do a little side by side to see where we started.

bar cabinet before and after

Like I said, this cabinet was in my grandmother’s home and I always loved it.  The detail on the doors makes it interesting and there is a hidden drawer inside.  The dark color wasn’t going to fly in my dining room though since my table is already really dark and so are my floors.  So a bright white was the perfect choice here.

cabinet before

The first thing I did, was take the doors off and the drawer out and give it a good sanding and cleaning.  I used an electric sander which made the job pretty easy and then did the small spaces on the doors by hand.

homeright finish max paint sprayer

Then came the fun part!  I got to use my new paint sprayer for the first time!  This thing is seriously awesome.  It doesn’t require anything more than an outlet and works like a charm to get a really great finish.

That is me smiling away, cause what girl doesn’t love a paint sprayer?

In order to cover the dark wood color I did 3 light coats of paint.

painted doors

The sprayer even got into all of the tiny spaces on the doors without dripping.

diy industrial modern furniture

Once I was done spraying, it was time to add some personality to the cabinet.  We plan to use the cabinet as a liquor cabinet and sideboard so creating a railing like you would see in a bar was the perfect detail to add.

I used 1/2 galvanized pipe cut to the sizes of the three sides of my cabinet, 4 galvanized floor flanges, 2 elbows, and 2 three way corner fittings, and 2 half inch nipples. I gave them a coat of gold spray paint before putting them together.

cutting pipe at #homedepot

You may remember this exciting moment from Instagram when I was getting the pipe for this project cut at The Home Depot.  I love that you don’t have to own a crazy machine to do projects like this because they will cut and thread the pipe for you right in the store.  #lovethehomedepot

diy industrial furniture

After assembling my railing, I marked the holes for the screws.  Be sure to use screws that aren’t going to go through the top piece of your cabinet.  To make sure they aren’t too long, just hold up your screw like my handsome model is doing here.

diy bar cabinet

Then attach the railing to the cabinet.

how to create an industrial bar cabinet

Now that the outside has some personality, I had to add some fun the the inside so I lined the back of the cabinet and the inside of the drawer with metallic copper contact paper that I found on amazon.

metallic contact paper lined drawer

I also added some fun detail to the front of the drawer in gold as well!  It was a process, so I’ll give you the details in another post.  For now I’ll just say that I love the way it is also reflective 🙂

contact paper to line the back of a cabinet

I love the unexpected pattern and color on the inside and the small nobs were sprayed to match the railing on top.

industrial modern bar

And there she is in all her glory!

bar styling

It is the perfect spot to display some fun accessories and it is super useful for storing our liquor and glassware.

modern bar cabinet

I just know that my Noni would get such a kick out of the fact that her cabinet will now be in my home for years to come and she would be the first one to toast to it with a scotch oldfashioned with a cherry.

There is more to see in my dining room, so keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks!  Until then, cheers.  Or bottoms up. Or up, down, pound!  Whatever suits you 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Old Cabinet Turned Industrial Liquor Cabinet

  1. robin says:

    Love the gold accents! Would you mind commenting what gold spray paint you got these results from? I’m trying to dip my table accents in gold for my upcoming wedding and am having trouble finding a gold that suits! Thanks!

    1. Hi Robin. Gold can be a really tricky color. My favorite is Rustoleum Metallic Gold. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

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