Revealed: My Paint Colors

Folks keep asking, so I dug through my garage and I’ve come up with an answer!

My most favorite posts to write are the ones that teach people how to create the home they love. Sometimes that means that I show them how to make something awesome for way less than you could buy it, but usually that means taking something daunting like choosing colors and explaining it in a way that makes it way less overwhelming.

That was the goal when I wrote how to create a whole home color palette and I’ve had so many of you send me virtual high fives cause you gained confidence to face color head on in your homes, but even though the point was to guide you to choose your own colors, it seems that people just want to know the exact colors I use in my home.

I get it.

You see. You like.

It might just be the color for you too!

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t answer that burning question so today I’m sharing the exact colors that I’ve used in my home!

neutral paint colors of greige and blue

My Color Scheme

It might surprise you to know that until now I’ve stuck with a decently monochromatic color scheme of greys and blues, but I’ve been daydreaming about adding some pops of color and making my space feel much more eclectic when it comes to color.  I don’t have a definite plan yet (you can bet I’ll be sharing it with you when I do) but what I love is that from day one of living in this home, I’ve stuck to these colors that make me feel so good.

And now that I’m wanting to change directions a little bit with my decor, I don’t have to redo anything cause I already have a great base layer for what’s to come.

living room with greige walls

Ok so the big question has been… wait for it….

What is the name of the greige wall color in your home?

It is Requisite Gray by Sherwin Williams.

I love it because it is the perfect greige for my space.  It has a lot of grey in it with just the right amount of brown undertone to make it feel warm.

When we finally got the keys to this house a little over 5 years ago (the day after my first kid was born) we redid the floors and baseboards and had all of the main living spaces and hallways painted. I was in no place to make any big color decisions so we went ahead and did all of those spaces in this beautiful greige color so that we had a clean coat of paint on the walls ready for us to move in and there was no way in H.E.double hockey sticks that I was going to move in in it’s current condition of yellowish off white everything.

I’ve since taken on a few rooms to change up the color.

living room feature wall

For example, when we designed this built in (that I still need to share with you,) I wanted to add some color to the living room and make the white shelves pop.

This beautiful smokey grey color was perfect.

It is Distance by Sherwin Williams.

Then, more recently I took on our front room which contains our formal living and dining room.
Hexagon Wall no marks

I wanted the walls in here to have color and lighten up the space since this area doesn’t get a ton of natural light.

So I went with this light blue with grey undertones called Beach Foam by Behr.

coming soon! - COLOR COURSE

DIY Hexagon Sharpie Wallpaper

Then I drew a large scale hexagon pattern on the wall using a sharpie marker. A girl on a budget does what she has to right?

And that it is my friends!  Really I’ve only used 3 paint colors in my home!

Of course I accented those colors by selecting accessories and fabrics that have different shades of blues and greys, even moving into some shades of turquoise and teal to give a few pops of color here and there to go along with my whole home color palette.

I hope that answers your burning questions!

If you are in the market for a perfect shade of greige be sure to read up on how to choose the right shade of greige in this post.

Have a great week!


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11 thoughts on “Revealed: My Paint Colors

  1. Bridgette says:

    I just want to thank you!! My fiancé and I tried SIX different colors of “Grey” that all came out blue, before we found your site! You are an absolute life saver! We are in love with our new living room.. All thanks to you!

  2. Thnx for your insights on choosing a grey after looking @ the darkest palette color.
    I live in the NW & it’s dark and rains a lot…so I need warmth but love the greys. I’d mixed colors w/creams & hints of yellow (yes-I read how you feel about yellow) to contrast w/blue greys and have various wood tones in furniture. I just finished building our retirement rambler w/a husband who likes the southwestern adobe look. The home is clean modern lines (Frank Lloyd Wright style). So-a challenge in blending these ideas. I’ve repainted a couple walls & am still readying to finish the master & grey a few remaining white walls. So-I have grey blues…soft cream w/a yellow hint and now am thinking of using the ‘Mindful Grey’ as I’d been drawn to it B4 when on a greige color search. I appreciate your ideas as I continue my blue-greys with the contrasting soft creams and work on painting accesories to match. (:

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Hi Mary! Unfortunately I can’t give you specific color advice since I can’t see the colors that will go with it in person, but you can sign up for my free mini decor course, and the first lesson gives that much needed clarity about color! Click here to get three free lessons delivered to your inbox. Best wishes!

  3. This was very helpful, but I am still confused as far as my furniture are concerned. I have expresso brown sofa snd chair my instict tells me to use a gray wall color and in my master bedroom and bath I would like o use a gray with a blue undertone as my furniture are black in the master. Would you say that would work?

  4. orit says:

    Thank you for your great tips ! very useful for our painting project 🙂

    1. You are very welcome!

  5. Michelle says:

    LOVE this color combo! I already have a 5 gallon bucket of Requisite Gray that I planned to paint most of my home with, but I was looking for a specific light blue with silver/gray tones. I could picture it in my head yet never quite found the right one. Now I know what it is!!!! Thank you!

    1. You are so very welcome!

  6. Great colors, Corey! The grays and blues work together so well.

    1. Thank you Kelly. I finally got around to writing this post and now I’m thinking I want to change my color scheme a little bit! Hahahaha. I can already see my husband rolling his eyes at me.

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