3 Simple Do It Yourself Wedding Ideas

Well it’s official.  I’ve been married 8 years and one night! The hubs and I had a great time celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary yesterday.  We were kid free for 24 hours and it was heavenly.  Love my kiddos, but really enjoyed finishing a conversation with my main squeeze.

So I guess that means this is Day #2 of Wedding Week here on the blog!  Yesterday was a fun look back at our wedding.  Can you tell I’ve always liked the purple and blue color scheme?

Today I’m going to share 3 simple do it yourself wedding ideas that saved me money. Sound good! Oh- and the wedding invitation template that I was planning on sharing tomorrow might not make it on the blog till next week.  I’ve been busy with my kiddos, but I promise I’ll get it up within the week.
DIY Wedding Ideas that will save you money

{Partially} DIY Wedding Invitations

square wedding invitations

For my wedding invitations I went with a perfectly square pocket fold invitation in a really pretty deep blue metallic paper with white inserts.  I’ll admit that I could have saved a lot more money if I would have done them completely on my own, but at the time, I was working full time as a high school teacher and teaching night classes to adults so time was certainly limited.  So I went with a company that let me design the wording on their site and they printed the inserts for me.  After sending me a proof, I placed my order and they sent me all of the supplies I needed to make these square pocket fold invitations including the printed inserts.  Then one of my besties and I poured a glass {or 3} of wine and went to work assembling them.  We were able to get them done in an evening.  It was actually really fun.

I couldn’t find the company that I originally used, but did some research and this company called Envelope Me is exactly the same.  You can have them print your inserts or just buy all of the supplies you need and do it yourself.  Obviously it will be a bit more expensive to have them printed, but the quality will be great and if you aren’t good at design or layout stuff it might be money well spent.

If you plan to do your invitations all on your own and just need the supplies, I’ve used Paper and More before for my cousin’s wedding invitations and they were very affordable and great quality. {More on her invitation within the week including a free template for you to create your own.}

how to save money on wedding invitations

We tied each invitation with a simple white ribbon before putting it in the envelope.

pocket fold wedding invitations


DIY Wedding Programs

how to make a wedding program

I sorta feel like adding the word “wedding” to anything completely inflates the price.  Wedding programs were a project I knew I could handle on my own and it was really easy to get them to mimic the look of my invitations.  The programs were also square and made with blue and white paper and I used Microsoft Word to design the wording.  Easy peasy.  Then I just printed them all out and used a scrapbook paper cutter (like this one) to cut each piece out and glued them on using scrapbook adhesive.

wedding program wording

On one side I included a personal note to our guests and on the opposite side I had the wedding ceremony information and names of all the great people involved.

One of my other besties helped me put these together the week before the wedding.

DIY Wedding Programs


DIY Wedding Place Cards and Table Numbers

how to make wedding place cards

Are you seeing a trend? Square, blue, and white? It was so easy to make it all go together by keeping it super simple.  I made the place cards myself too!  I cut out my rectangles first and folded them in half, then I printed each name on a piece of velum.  (If I remember correctly I did a bunch of names spaced out properly on a word doc and printed the entire sheet before cutting the squares out because the squares would be too small for a printer.)  Then I printed the names of the tables on a white square the same size so that when layered one on top of the other, the table name was more faint than the guests name.  I really love how these turned out.

You are probably wondering what “wedding day” as a table name means.  Each table was named with  a significant day or date in our relationship.  For example one table was named “First Date” and on the table there was a sign with the table name and the story that went with it.  Some of the other table names were the drunken call, Vegas, Hawaii ’05, and meeting the parents. The “wedding day” table was the head table. It was a fun way for our guests to read our story as they went around the room and a really great personal touch.

wedding place card ideas

The venue was providing the food for our sit down dinner and asked me to indicate what each person ordered on their place card.  Their suggestion was a sticker of a fish or a cow to indicate fish or beef, but I wasn’t going to ruin my pretty place cards with fish and cows!  So came up with this little rhinestone system.  Blue indicated steak and white indicated fish and since we were the lucky bride and groom we got a little surf and turf action!  This made it really easy for the servers to serve the food without interrupting the party.

DIY Wedding Ideas that will save you money

So there you have it.  A few simple wedding DIYs that saved me money back in the day.

Did you DIY anything for your wedding?  What was your favorite?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these wedding ideas. I am sure this is going to help many couples and their families and friends.

  2. Thank you. I just love the clean and neat look of the invites, must do these.

  3. Katy says:

    Please can you email me your wedding invitation template.

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Hi Katy, thanks for your interest. I purchased the invitation template. Can you forgive me for not remembering from where?! Ugh, where does the time go! Clearly I need to update this post.

  4. These are very effective idea for save money in any wedding party. But i can’t find the wedding invitation template that you was planning to share. Great thanks to COREY for her valuable writing.

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