Easy Felt Jewelry Pouches Perfect for Travel

You are on a little getaway and going to dinner with your sweetie which calls for one of the few times in the year that you change out your everyday earrings for some fancier ones.  So you take your perfect everyday earrings and put them in the little zipper pouch on the inside of your purse so that you don’t lose them. But weeks later after searching high and low, panicking a bit, and thinking you might be going crazy cause they aren’t there, you realize that they indeed fell into the lining of your purse somehow and you vow to take better care next time.

Sound familiar?  I have the perfect spot for my jewelry at home, but when I’m traveling or at the gym, I end up tossing my jewelry in my bag, and it’s never good.  I’m not a big jewelry person, so the jewelry I do have is nice stuff!  And it deserves better.

So I came up with a solution.  I can toss these stitched felt jewelry pouches into my bag or purse so when I do need a place to put my jewelry I have a nice safe (and soft) place for them to go.  No more hunting.  No more panic attacks over lost diamond earrings.
stitched felt jewelry pouches

Once you gather your supplies this project will take you about 15 minutes.  I made 2 in 15 minutes and my jewelry is happier for it!  This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure.
fabric cutting tool

You’ll need…

  • A piece of felt (slightly stiff if possible, but not too stiff.)
  • Thread
  • A way to measure your felt and a pen to mark it with. (I use a vanishing ink fabric pen.)
  • A way to cut your felt.  I use my cutting mat and rotary cutter for a perfectly clean line, but you could use scissors.
  • A sewing machine.

Note:  I picked up this dark grey felt at the craft store.  It was not stiff at all so I stiffened it myself using fabric stiffener and water.  I didn’t want it to be very stiff so I used about 1 part stiffener to 4 parts water.  I mixed it in a cake pan and laid my felt in until it was soaked and then squeezed it out.  Then I laid it flat to dry overnight.

On to the how to!

I made 2 travel jewelry pouches.  The one I’m going to show you is for a bracelet and then I made a slightly smaller one for earrings.  So the sizes may depend on your actual jewelry.

How to make felt jewelry pouches

Step 1: Cut your felt.  For the bracelet pouch I cut a piece of felt 11 1/2 inches tall by 5 inches wide.  Once it is cut fold the bottom up 5 inches and then the top down about an inch.  This will be your top flap.  (The earring pouch is 4 1/4 inches tall and 3 inches wide.  The pouch is 3 x 3 with a 1 inch flap.)
stitched edge jewelry pouch

Step 2: Run a zig-zag stitch along the edge of the top flap. This is the very short flap that will end up at the top of your pouch.Felt jewelry pouches

Step 3: Fold your pouch the way it will be when finished (bottom edge up and then the top flap over it) and run 2 more stitches up each side making sure to grab the top flap in with your stitch.  To get your jewelry in and out you will sort of unfold it and reach in.

travel jewelry holders

And that is it!  Such an easy way to take your jewelry on the go and would make really cute packaging if you are giving someone jewelry.diy stitched felt jewelry pouchesWhat do you think?  Do you have a system to keep your jewelry safe on the go?


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7 thoughts on “Easy Felt Jewelry Pouches Perfect for Travel

  1. Meena says:

    Any activity which you love is kind of meditation. In the market you can get lot many pouches of brilliant colors and designs, but the satisfaction you get after making it with your own hands is tremendous. I liked the pouch. I have purchased felt. Now I will make one and sent to you. Thanks dear

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  3. Lois says:

    im thinking some a little larger would be nice to keep necklaces from becoming tangled for our upcoming vacation

  4. oh these are sooo pretty corey!!! LOVE the way you did the stitches and the colors!! happy spring!
    i put all my jewelry(very few) in a tin cookie box =) xoxo

  5. Lisa Jackson says:

    This is a great idea. Something every woman needs in her purse. Love it!

  6. What a great idea. If you have to take your earrings out when having a medical check up, such as an xray this would be so handy. I’m always worried if I take my earrings out and put them in my purse or pocket! Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are so cute, Corey! Thank you so much for being such an awesome IMP contributor! I am pinning your cute jewelry pouches…I need these for when I travel! XO

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