DIY Tassel Garland with Dollar Store Supplies

So it turns out that I might just have a little party planner in the making around here.  My little lady turned 5 and since her last birthday she has been planning (out loud) the details of her fifth birthday.  She is all about Elsa and so it only seemed appropriate that all the details of her little birthday party were going to be blue and ice inspired.  I’m pretty sure that I could easily spend hundreds of dollars on party decorations alone if money weren’t an issue, but the logical side of my brain kicks in and I try to keep the cost of these parties to a minimum.

Of course coming up with a few really inexpensive birthday party decorations is right up my ally, and this DIY tassel garland was the perfect little sparkly touch that our patio needed to spruce up the celebration.  Best part is that I got a roll of foil paper at the dollar store.  It is blue on one side and silver on the other, which made my tassel garland two toned!  Awesome!

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How to make tassel garland:

Step 1:  Cut as many rectangles from the foil paper roll as tassels that you will need. The length of your fringe will depend on the size of your rectangle.  Cut in every 1/3 of an inch on both short sides leaving about 2 1/2 inches in the middle with no cuts.

how to make tassel garland


Step 2: Fold your rectangle, long side to long side, and then again and again until you are left with a very narrow strip with the fringe at both ends.

diy birthday party garland


Step 3: Fold the strip over your finger and adjust so that the fringe is the same length on both sides, then secure it with a small piece of washi tape.  You will want to leave a small untaped piece at the top so you will be able to string your tassels.easy birthday party decorations


Step 4: Cut a piece of string the length of your final garland (plus a little extra so you can tie it up.) Tie one end of your string around a tooth pick or skewer and tape the string in place so that as you push it through the string doesn’t fall off.  Then push the tip of your tooth pick through the small loop at the top of each tassel and pull it through so that the tassel ends up on the frozen birthday party decorations


Continue stringing your tassels onto your string.
diy foil paper tassel garland


Once you hang up your garland you can easily adjust each tassel to make them tassel garland


Now it’s time to party!  This sparkly blue tassel garland was the perfect hint at ice (without being too literal) and brought in the blue color that I was needing in the main entertaining area of my outdoor living room.  I focused my decorations in this space since it was the area that most of the party would take place and Queen Elsa (who also showed up at the party) sang, chatted, and did face painting with the girls.  It was a hit!

I was proud of myself that we were able to give the lil’ lady a really fun birthday without going overboard.  It is so easy to get swept up in all the details, but just focusing on a few to make it special was all we needed and the ol’ budget thanked me.

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