How to Choose the Perfect Greige Paint

What is the color I used on the walls in my house?

I’ve had a lot of emails asking this and today I will answer it, but more importantly I am going to explain how to choose the perfect greige paint for your house!

If you haven’t heard of greige, you have most definitely seen it.

It is like the perfect beige from the 90’s and the perfect grey got married and had a baby. Greige is my favorite neutral because it goes with everything and doesn’t make me want to hurl like most beiges do.

Now, I hope I’m not offending, but the problem with beige is that it is really hard to pick the right one and often times people end up choosing a beige that turns out looking pinky beige, or even orange! You know what I mean?

My sister in law recently had this problem and it cost her big bucks cause she had to pay her painter to repaint.  I helped her pick out a color on the second time around and realized that there is a definite trick to picking out a perfect greige. Believe me, I have made my own pinky beige mistakes in the past, but have learned to avoid them.

When we bought our house, we had it painted before we moved in, and I really honed my skill of picking the right greige.  We painted almost the entire interior of our house with this neutral and so it had to be right.

And it was! (Don’t worry, I’ve since changed up the color on some walls.)

How to Choose the Perfect Greige Paint via

Grey is definitely a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away, but no one wants the walls of their home to feel like cement right?

The trick is to pick a warm grey which means you want a grey with some brown it it.

And what do you get when you mix brown and grey?  That’s right, greige!  Believe me, greige is your new best friend.

Here is what it looks like in my home.

perfect shade of greige paint

This is my entryway.  You can see that the wall color goes really well with wood tones. This space does not get a ton of light, but the greige here doesn’t make it too dark.

perfect greige paint sherwin williams requisite grey

Much of my home is done in grey and blue tones and the greige goes perfectly with that too. Even recently when I updated my family room and added a ton more color, the greige walls still go perfectly.

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How to Choose the Perfect Greige Paint via

You can see here in our loft, which is where my kid’s play the most, that the greige goes with everything.  There is a lot of light in this room and a ton of colors and the greige is a perfect background for everything else going on.

Convinced yet?

How to choose the right greige paint

how to choose the perfect greige paint color

The first step is to use the darkest hue on the swatch as your guide.  This will give you an idea of the true undertones that will show up even in the lighter hues.

how to choose the perfect greige paint color

Let’s look at an example. The second color from the top would probably be one that a lot of people would grab as a good neutral.  But look at the darkest hue on that swatch.  There is a lot of red in that brown.  And so as the hue gets lighter, there will be red or orange undertones.  You don’t want that.

how to choose the perfect greige paint color

 You with me?  Let’s keep going.

Again using the darker colors on the swatch, look at number 1.  Lots of red in that chocolate, no good. In number 2, you can see a lot of grey, but you know there is still a ton of brown in it by looking one color down.  That is good! Then number 3 is somewhere between the 2 with definitely more brown, but still with some grey in it.  So this would be a good option for someone who wants to go a little more brown.

how to choose the perfect greige paint color

Here’s a closer look at number 2.  The darkest hue definitely looks very chocolate brown, but if you look up one hue, you can see the grey tones.  Then if you go all the way up toward the top you will find a shade that would be suitable for your walls.  I typically go one or two down from the top.

how to choose the perfect greige paint color

And that is the trick!

There are a ton of shades of grey and they can all work, you just need to know what you are going for.

If you see green in the darkest hues, you will have a hint of green in your lighter shades too.  Same goes for blue.

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One more tidbit of info.

The color used in my home is Requisite Gray by Sherwin Williams. 

If you don’t have a Sherwin Williams near you, your local hardware store can typically do a color match.  I do this a lot at Home Depot. Just tell them the brand and color and often they can look up the formula and mix it for you.

So with that, the greiges that I find to be a great starting point are Mindful Grey and Requisite Grey by Sherwin Williams.

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The first step is to use the darkest hue on the swatch as your guide.

Enjoy the rest of your week peeps!

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157 thoughts on “How to Choose the Perfect Greige Paint

  1. Rachelle says:

    Hi Corey,
    Thanks for your informative post. My husband and I are currently in an apartment with beige carpeting, and dark cherry wood furniture. We have maroon/gold-ish curtains that happen to go very well with the carpet and furniture, but here’s the thing… We bought a house that needs painting, and I’m so intrigued by gray. I’m sick of boring white walls, and really like what can be done with gray, but I fear that our furniture and curtains will not go well with gray or greige. I’d rather not do beige walls, but it seems like that might be the route for keeping our current decor…

    Any ideas?

  2. Patty says:

    Thank you Corey for a VERY informative post. I really learned a lot. Can you please tell me what color you used for trim?

  3. Irina Morozova says:

    Thank you so much for the article!
    We just bought rental house that needs lots of remodeling and our biggest struggle is with color choices for walls/ trims/ floors/ cabinets. It’s very tricky for an average person w/o designer skills.
    Your advise is invaluable. Many, many thanks!

  4. shelagh scholfield says:

    I love the benjamin moore revere pewter.I am unable to pick a similar colour.would anyone know of a similar shade.

  5. Laurie bartlett says:

    What color greige did you use? I find your advise very helpful!

    1. Hi Laurie. It is requisite grey by Sherwin Williams.

    2. It’s Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray. If you don’t have a Sherwin Williams near you you can have the color mixed at Home Depot. Just tell them the brand and the name. You can find the names of all the paints I use in my home in this post.

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