BHG I Did It feature bar cart

The Story Behind My Better Homes & Gardens Feature

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8 tips for being a productive blogger

8 Ways to Become a More Productive Blogger

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Building A Framework

So you want to start a blog… + a giveaway to get you started!

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3 ways I use my email list to grow my blog

Top 3 Ways I’m Using My Email List to Grow My Blog

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how I doubled my blog traffic

How I Doubled My Blog’s Traffic in 6 months

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE WAITING LIST AND BE NOTIFIED AS SOON AS DOORS OPEN!    For those of you who aren’t bloggers I’ll be back to the…

It’s Launch Day! The Blog Planner 2015 + E-Guide is here!

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The Blog Planner 2015 Preview and Giveaway!

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How to offer weekly subscription option in mail chimp

How to Offer a Daily or Weekly Subscription Option in MailChimp

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blogger business cards

6 Must Haves on a Blogger’s Business Card

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2 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Leslie Anne says:

    Ref “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine, April 2017, pages 51-52. In this article you refurbished an old cabinet into a bar cart. I read all the steps which included removing the doors, sanding everything, applying 3 coats of paint on the outside and doors, hand embossing a drawer front, installing industrial piping, and adhering Con-Tac paper inside. And it states you did this all in 4 hours. I’m amazed! How on earth did you do it? For example, how long did you wait between coats of paint?

    1. Corey Willis says:

      Hi Leslie, It wasn’t done in 4 consecutive hours that’s for sure! But the trick to getting a project like this done quickly is to plan it out and have everything ready to go. While the first coat of paint is drying you can paint the bars and cut the contact paper, then apply the second coat of paint. (Using the sprayer that I used means that the light coats dry quickly.) Then the next project session is really about putting it together and adding the finishing touches. This blog post has the full tutorial. Thanks for your interest!

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